Can you get strep if tonsils have been removed? Can you get strep if tonsils have been removed? | allnurses

Can you get strep if tonsils have been removed?

  1. 0 Hi all, quick question, can I still get strep if I had my tonsils removed as a kid? I've had a swollen, dry and very sore throat for over a week, have been very nauseous and just feeling yucky. Is strep a possibility without tonsils? I tried to find information through online searches can't find an answer to the question. Thanks for any help!
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    I had strep throat all the time when I was a kid. Then I had my tonsils out when I was 28. I have had strep once or twice since then, but nothing like when I was a kid. So the answer is yes but not very often
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    Thanks! I guess I better make an appointment... I hate going to the doctors.

    But I also read that strep doesn't always need an antibiotic, it only helps clear it faster. Is this true?
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    No, you need to get it treated. Strep can affect your heart if it goes untreated. Take care of yourself and feel better soon.


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    Rheumatic fever is the potential complication of a streptococcus infection which can cause endocarditis along with other heart complications.

    Always have you and your kids sore throats checked out, as you prob know it's just a throat swab to test for strep.

    Rheumatic Fever Info page
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    Well, I am a pediatric nurse in a clinic setting. I had strep throat for the first time about 3 years ago. Tonsils swelled up to the size of golf balls, air was closing and the whole works. I was on prednisone and had to get them removed. About 3 weeks ago, I did a throat swab on a child and he coughed allllll over me. lol Well, I did get strep. Yes, just because you do not have tonsils, does not mean you can't get strep.
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    Strep is a bacteria. I can't imagine that having or not having tonsils makes a difference. I've been exposed to strep throat (DH had it and we didn't know it), I have tonsils, and have never had it.

    Tonsils are comprised of lymphatic tissue, so having them and getting strep throat probably just makes it worse because of that (you generally end up with tonsillitis!) - but I can't see where it would make a difference in actually getting it to start with. If you're gonna get it, you're gonna get it, I would suppose.
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    Of course! But you will not get any more tonsilitis!!:roll
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    True,, you can get it even after tonisils are removed. On a side note, famiily pets can also harbor strep and it is/can be transmitted to humans.
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    Lovely. So how accurate is the rapid strep test?
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    had a family who had strep going around in circles...some of the kids had reoccuring boils..some had strep..some with infantigo [sp?] i hope that they didn't have any worse problems like the heart problems listed above
    be real careful around pts who present with this use the u precautions etc

    and do get help when you need it...
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    My son was very sick over the holidays. Developed a rash all over his body. looked toxic. We took him in to the ER the day after christmas---strep throat and scarlet fever!!! I did not know that people could still get scarlet fever!
    (scarlet fever is a systemic form of a strep infection)
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    Quote from Indy
    Lovely. So how accurate is the rapid strep test?

    Rapd Strep tests are 99% accurate. That is why you do a culture, because the strep bacteria will grow out. Double safe!