Can a bachelors degree in other areas affect pay? - page 2

I asked this question on the student general board. Just wanted to know from you guys. Out of curiosity, I currently have a BA and I will be finishing my MBA this year. I just got accepted to a nursing program for Spring... Read More

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    The only thing my previous degree has done for me is make me get selected ahead of others for nusing school. I start my first position in January and my previous degree didn't even come up in the interview. I was offered the traditional salary at that institution for a new graduate nurse.

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    Well, my previous project management experience has allowed me to move up the clinical ladder by chairing/managing the hospital's nursing information management committee. Not much to do with my prior degree but more about knowing how to actually manage a project with over 100 items in the hopper. Got a raise, takes about 2 hours a month, works for me.

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