calling into work sick and feeling very guilty

  1. Hey everyone

    I was hoping to get your opinion on calling into work sick. Im an RN in Australia and today had to call out to work sick as I had a massive uti with haematuria pain and frequency that kept me up all night last night and what not. I was meant to be the charge nurse today on the only full time member of staff on shift. Now I feel guilty very guilty. I guess what I am asking is should I have called off sick and should I feel guilty?

    Thanks for your opinions
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  3. by   CodeteamB
    Dude. Think of it this way. Pretend you are the patient lying in that bed, do you really want a sleep deprived nurse who is distracted by her sore junk and needs to run to the bathroom q15 minutes?

    Really, if you are not your best you aren't doing anyone any favours by dragging yourself in and slogging it out. Rest, get better and get back to work at your best.

    Yup, it probably sucked for scheduling/other staff, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, it isn't the end of the world.

    The only way you should feel truly guilty calling in sick is if you are lying.

    Now go work on feeling better, and don't stress.
  4. by   nuangel1
    no you should not feel guilty if you are sick you are sick.that what sick time is for.
  5. by   chellemaree88
    I guess I feel guilty because they wouldve had to pull one of the other full time girls in on their day off because at least one of us has to be there. the last time I called off I was in hospital so its a rare thing for me to do.
  6. by   Mulan
    I'm sure you already know the answer to both those questions.
  7. by   xoemmylouox
    Don't feel bad some days you have to take care of yourself first. It sounds like you are having one of those days. I hope you heal ASAP as UTIs suck. Rest up!
  8. by   hherrn
    You should have gone in to work. You should feel guilty.
  9. by   Aurora77
    Quote from hherrn
    You should have gone in to work. You should feel guilty.
    Seriously? If the OP is sick, she's sick. Nurses get sick too. If a facility can't properly prepare for that fact, that's their problem.
  10. by   KittyLovinRN
    Quote from hherrn
    You should have gone in to work. You should feel guilty.
    Are you kidding me?!

    I went to work knowing I was passing a kidney stone and my coworkers actually yelled at me for coming in even though it left them short for the night. So there, even if you try to go if you have decent coworkers they TELL you to go home. Next time I called off and didn't feel nearly as guilty, at least they had time to find someone vs going in and then scrambling after sending you home.

  11. by   missladyrn
    Meh, don't feel guilty. You would have been useless at work today and everyone around you would have had to pick up your slack. Don't martyr yourself. It is a job. They would replace you in a second if it suited them and they would feel zero guilt. Have you gone in on a day off to cover for a coworker? If your coworker had the symptoms you have, would you expect them to come to work? Stay home, get better, and go back to work when your feeling better.
  12. by   KelRN215
    Don't feel guilty. You are sick and therefore you take a sick day. Simple enough. Your hospital doesn't feel guilty when they force you to stay home because census is low, do they?
  13. by   beeker
    If you are sick stay home and take care of yourself. You can't take care of others unless you are well.
  14. by   NutmeggeRN
    Quote from hherrn
    You should have gone in to work. You should feel guilty.
    yikes! seriously or troll?