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  1. chellemaree88

    too much sick leave?

    Hey everyone... So I had a big skiing accident at the beginning of this year. I had to have time off after the injury some time off for pain and then two weeks off for the surgery. This used most of my sick leave. I had not taken any sick leave in 3 months after the surgery until a month ago just after I moved house I had half a day off for a uti (I get them frequently and they knock me for 6) a day off for stress from moving the knee surgery and a busy ward and then I went on a booked vacation this weekend and ended up with the flu. I went into work yesterday because I was worried I had taken too much time off and had no sick leave left and was sent home and then took today off cause I can barely get out of bed. I fear I have had too much time off and worry about my job. Before this skiing accident I may of had 3-4 days off a year. This year ive had so much time off.. im fairly worried. Thanks...
  2. chellemaree88

    Any one else done an ACL injury?

    Yeh. Its got to that point I can barely properly walk anymore.i had to say to my boss I had to move the surgery forward. Im hoping yo be back at work within 3 weeks. The dislocating is just yuk...
  3. chellemaree88

    Any one else done an ACL injury?

    Hey everyone! So I blew my ACL about 3 month ago skiing, I hit the physio hard and the pain went away and all the movement came back. I saw an ortho surgeon who said I NEEDED a repair. I thought cause my knee was so good it could wait until after the next roster a least and maybe a bit longer to save up some sick leave. I had it all organised with my boss. However last week I just twisted the wrong way causing my knee to dislocate ever so slightly and pop back in causing severe pain that just wont go away. And now it just keeps giving way. I spoke to my surgeon and we decided to move the surgery to two weeks from now. I feel guilty because now ive screwed the roster up but I just cant work on this knee on busy surgical floor for much longer. Has anyone else had anything like this ever happen before or had an ACL injury that made work difficult. Cheers
  4. chellemaree88

    calling into work sick and feeling very guilty

    Thanks guys for making me feel better. I am totally dedicated to the job and feel really lucky to have one. I just felt like I was letting the already understaffed team down. Feeling only slightly better today I have a night shift tonight and im gonna drag my bottom in for it. Ah nursing hey?
  5. chellemaree88

    calling into work sick and feeling very guilty

    I guess I feel guilty because they wouldve had to pull one of the other full time girls in on their day off because at least one of us has to be there. the last time I called off I was in hospital so its a rare thing for me to do.
  6. Hey everyone I was hoping to get your opinion on calling into work sick. Im an RN in Australia and today had to call out to work sick as I had a massive uti with haematuria pain and frequency that kept me up all night last night and what not. I was meant to be the charge nurse today on the only full time member of staff on shift. Now I feel guilty very guilty. I guess what I am asking is should I have called off sick and should I feel guilty? Thanks for your opinions