bristol stool chart

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    any one on here having to use the Bristol Stool chart at work? It may be just an english thing, but it's still freaky, i can see whay it is used but i keep laughing everytime i have to refer to it (which aint that often i know poo when i see it!) lol anyone have an opinion on this?

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    We don't use it but I am familiar with it. I think it would be helpful from a descriptive aspect. Loose stools? It makes a difference. Is it a 6 or 7? I spent some time in the past trying to find posters with the descriptions, but didn't have any luck locating any.
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    did gi for ten years

    we had stool charts for our bowel disease pts

    size colour consistency blood? frequency odour

    i mean really , it's poop
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    Yeesh. I've heard of it, but only because of this website! I doubt I could find five nurses in my hospital (who haven't read it on this site) who know what it is!

    We just document amt, color, consistency, guicac positive or negative, as it relates to pt dx, etc.

    Gosh, that's a poster I want on my wall
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    we use the bristol stool chart, i must say its not too bad!!!!! AIM for a 4 is like our motto...
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    Yep I've used it but cant remember where lol
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    Like a Sausage???? LOL :roll :roll :roll
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    We use the Bristol stool chart, I work within general surgery in the UK and we have the chart on all the toilet walls and then record it on a stool chart on the patients bed.

    I have a patient that describes 1 as rabbit poo, she documents this on her own chart.
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    It's like the Braden score is that used in the UK or do we still universally use Waterlow??

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