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  1. jetscreamer101

    C-Pap vs Bi-Pap

    I understand that sometimes the Bi-pap is better tolerated because of the decrease in pressure during exhalation, not as hard to breathe out. There is also a difference in C-paps, they can be a constant one that is always set at the same pressure or a variable one that can be set to like 9-13 and will vary the pressure based on need during sleep.
  2. jetscreamer101

    Help!!!! Psych Meds

    For me, the repeated looking up of meds eventually gets them to stick in my brain.
  3. jetscreamer101

    Patients on Medicaid

    Is it possible that patients on assistance programs have been treated poorly in the past so they anticipate problems? I've had to be on assistance programs many years ago. I was treated differently, and yes, it hurt. I can still hear some of the comments directed toward me replaying in my head. With that said, I did have an experience in an ER. A woman and her young son (11-12) came into the ER because he had vomited yesterday. Was fine today, but mom thought he should be checked by a doc. If I remember correctly she was a frequent flyer.
  4. jetscreamer101

    Does anyone else see a problem with this policy?

    In my previous LTC facility, the dietary dept (I'm not sure who spearheaded this program) eliminated all special diets. No cardiac diets, diabetic diets, none, nada, zilch. Who in their right mind would give regular syrup to diabetics? They did. And whose fault was it when we would get blood sugars over 350? Nursing of course. So we wheedled a smaller portion diet, which really didn't solve the problem. What diet did we have for ESRD and on dialysis residents? Regular diet. No kidding. We ended up having to go through their food preference list and mark those they shouldn't have as dislikes so they wouldn't be served those things. (Dialysis got really irritated when we sent someone with a banana for a snack (dietary did it). I guess No potassium rich foods didn't apply to the banana? Save me from this craziness! (I have since moved on to another facility.
  5. jetscreamer101

    lovenox injections: SC, but where?

    I have received Lovenox injections while in the hospital and at home. I had an abdominal surgery, so I wouldn't let them give it in my abdomen, so they used my arms. When I got home, I did end up giving in the "love handle" area. And it hurts. I am a diabetic, and have needed insulin also. The insulin injections didn't hurt near as bad as the lovenox.
  6. jetscreamer101

    Collecting urine sample

    Nights generally collect our urine specimens. It's always been that way. Maybe because they are mostly in bed to be able to obtain specimen via straight cath.
  7. jetscreamer101

    Wound Care Frustration

    Unbelievable. I also get very angry when I know dressings haven't been changed. We've brought it up recently to our DNS and she doesn't seem to care.
  8. jetscreamer101

    Back Pain,,,,and suggestions for relief?

    I too have used chiropractic care. I had 2 lami's, and had pain all the time. Now, I only have pain when I push myself too hard with lifting. But I have heard bad stories about chiropractic docs that don't know what they're doing.
  9. jetscreamer101

    Removing needle from syringe

    Some safety syringes pull the needle back into the syringe when injected, but most you are able to remove, or attach a needle, to a syringe.
  10. jetscreamer101

    Do you encounter a lot of dishonest nurses?

    I've worked with alot of nurses, ancillary staff. I've caught nurses divertng twice (different nurses). There are several nurses who will find anyone or anything other than themselves to blame for a med error. I've had money stolen, food stolen, stethoscopes stolen.
  11. jetscreamer101

    priming IV tubing tips?

    This may be a little late for you, but when priming the tubing, close the roller clamp, hold any access ports upside down, and after filling the drip chamber to the correct level, prime the tubing as slow as you can. Since I had someone show me this way, I've not had trouble with any air in my IV lines.
  12. jetscreamer101

    devices for home self-testing PT or INR

    I have had to take coumadin in the past, and it was very nice to be able to test the PT/INR from a fingerstick as opposed to a lab draw. Home health checked it for so long, and when I no longer required them, I had to go to lab draws.
  13. jetscreamer101

    Back injury: stories & support for an injured RN

    I've been there with back/shooting pain in my right leg so severe I could hardly walk. I could sit, or lay down, but walking was beyond me. I went back and forth with my PCP: xrays, therapy, etc. It got to the point finally that I went to ER. Even they gave me a rough time, until the MRI results. Then they were all nicey nicey and do you need something for the pain. I did end up having 2 back surgeries and have residual nerve damage, but I can walk. It was most definatly a repetative lifting injury, but the worknan's comp person told me he'd fight it, and I didn't want to deal with that, so I didn't file a claim. In retrospect, though I didn't have 1 incident that I could blame it on, I should have persued workman's comp. I am returned to work full duty although my surgeon recommended permanent restrictions. I still have back pain, but it's not constant and seems to respond to vicodin well.
  14. jetscreamer101

    They Think I'm Working Christmas??

    Back when the kids were younger, oh, probably 10 and 12 or so, my DON asked me if I'd work 3-11 christmas eve and 7-3 christmas day. I still can't believe she would even ask. I told her one or the other. I can't remember which shift I worked, but it wasn't both. For many years, we have done the- if you worked it one year, you're off the next. But we have a different DON now and she has the schedule so screwed up its ridiculus. I'm off the holidays this year, but that's because I'm off on medical leave.
  15. jetscreamer101

    Causing financial damage at work (by accident)

    I didn't break anything, but once I didn't check the dates on some caspofungin(sp) IV, and we ended up having to waste a dose, and it was something like 400.00. (the med was good for only 3 or 4 days once it was mixed).
  16. jetscreamer101

    co-worker stealing narcotics

    When I used to work one unit all the time, I started to notice narcotics counts decreasing at a more rapid rate, pts who normally only took tylenol starting to use vicodin pretty frequently, etc. I did report it to my DON. They kept my name out of it, and it took awhile, but they finally tracked it down to one nurse. They did bring the law in, not really sure all that happened after, but she was fired for diversion.