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Hi fellow night shift RNs! I purchased blackout curtains. Unfortunately, light came in through the sides so I used 3M Dura Lock Velcro on the sides, however, a lot of light is still creeping in through the top of the curtains.... Read More

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    And I thought tin foil was just for making hats to keep the aliens from reading my mind.
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    I used tin foil, as well. You can mold it to the window so NO LIGHT gets out. And if you HOA nixes tin foil, get a piece of poster board, tape it over the window facing out, then cover the back with tin foil. I kept my room like a cave. I swear, there were bats in there! And I put a big sign by the door bell that said, "Do not ring this doorbell. The baby is sleeping and if you wake her up, there will be HELL to pay!' Worked like a charm.

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