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EMEddie's Latest Activity

  1. EMEddie

    Blog name ideas help

    I am trying to start a blog regarding NPs and trying some help to find a good name for it. Can you guys help out and shoot ideas? Thanks
  2. EMEddie

    Best Paid Per Diem NP position

    Just looking for advice and guidance on how to find the best per diem NP position? I am in California (Central Valley), so which specialties/areas would be best in terms of pay? I am an FNP. Thanks
  3. EMEddie

    University of Cincinnati FNP fall 2013 anyone???

    Hi Guys- I want to apply for the UC Online Program Starting Summer or Fall 2015. I have tried to look all over the place in the website for the deadline without any luck. Do you guys happen to know when the deadlines might be for Summer/Fall 2015? What can you guys tell me about the program? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everyone- Does anyone know if there are still any CRNA programs accepting applications for a Fall 2015 start? Thanks in advance,
  5. Can nurses from California apply to the UTA FNP program?
  6. I am in the process of looking at different FNP Programs to possibly starting an MSN/FNP Program in the Summer 2015. I have done a lot of research on Walden and know people who are in the program. What do you guys think about Grand Canyon University? How about University of Texas at Arlington? Thanks in advance
  7. EMEddie

    Need Your Advice Desperately!

    Thanks everyone.. It has been extremely hard for me trying to cope with this, it did hit my confidence and values hard.
  8. Quick question: I took the PA for Care if the Older Adults and passed; but will need to review some sections. From the coaching reports dealing with Medicaid stuff. It suggests chapter 19. When you guys reviewed from the coaching report prepping for the OA did you guys read the whole chapter or how did you review your poor areas? Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone- I need your advise and perspective. A couple weeks ago my manager communicated with me to let me know that she was doing an investigation on "narcotic divertion" and that I was going to be place off the schedule for a couple of days. We were going to meet at HR with a specialist dealing with this. The days passed and we met at HR with this person. My manager stated that someone in my unit thought that I might be diverting narcotics; something that completely caught me off guard and honestly hurt me. My manager, along with the pharmacy manager did the investigation, they pulled out all of the records from pixys and other narcotics that I have dealth with in the last 4 years and all of my records showed no issues and actually excellent recording of the management of such. The HR person asked me if I had an issue and I told her not at all and that I was open to any kind of investigation because I wanted that issue resolved. After a few minutes, my manager apologized and the HR person told me that if I heard rumors to go straight to her. My manager told me that as part of the investigation she had to talk to a couple people in my unit but told them not to mention anything to anyone because of the seriousness of such. I went back to work a few days ago and honestly I felt extremely paranoid about people looking and talking to me; this affected me a lot emotionally, it honestly hurt me. Anyways, I was doing my job normally and all of a sudden one of our techs comes into the room and tells me, "Dude, I heard what happened to you" I was extremely surprised and asked him who had told him that, whom he said was his sister, whom is the house supervisor... I didnt say much but simply explained myself and what had happened... One of my good friends in the unit whom I told what happened told me that a couple of people from the night shift knew and one of them specifically had mention it to an Respiratory Therapist when all of the investigation was going on...... I feel extremely upset, depressed and anxious.. I didnt do anything and in the investigation was proved, but now I honestly feel like most of the people in the unit know and its making me feel extremely uncomfortable.. =( What should I do? Honestly, I am not sure who this person who said that about me was and not sure why they did.. The issue now is that I feel like this and it upsets me that other people are saying things.. Should I talk to the HR person and my manger? Thanks again
  10. I am simply wondering if any of you or possibly someone you know did their BSN or RN - BSN through Western Governors University and still got accepted to a NP Program? Thanks in advance,
  11. Hello everyone- When it came down to doing the Community Health Practicum, how did you go about this? Do you still have to chose a project or simply do the 90 hrs with a community health nurse? What would you say is the fastest way to complete these hours and in which aspect/project focus on? Thanks in advance,
  12. EMEddie

    MICU vs SICU

    I think it depends in the facility yo work on. In my MICU we move pts pretty fast in and out to our stepdown units. We do get pts with chronic complex pathologies and its very interesting and fascinating to learn multisystem involvement.
  13. How do you become a surface transport nurse? I have two years experience as an ICU RN and worked previous nursing as an EMT. What would be the best way to do this? Thanks in advance.
  14. EMEddie

    How to get started?

    I am interested in the world of Performance Improvement, but really dont know how to get started to prepare for this. I am a Critical Care RN with a B.S. in Public Health Degree. Do you guys like working in PI and Risk Management? Is PI and Risk Management in the same department? What is a good way to become a strong candidate?
  15. EMEddie

    Is there such programs?

    Hello everyone- I am wondering if there is such FNP programs for RNs (Associate Degrees) with a degree closely related to nursing (Public Health/Community Health) that is two years. I know there is bridge programs where the student has to take anywhere 5-10 classes (BSN Level) before taking the actual MSN/FNP Classes, but what about programs where you can go straight into the MSN/FNP Program? For example, I know that UCLA has such program, but are there anything other such programs that you are aware of? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  16. EMEddie

    CRNA Schools that dont require..

    I hold a B.S. in Public Health and have an Associates degree in Nursing; have two years experience as a Medical/Surgical/Trauma Critical Care Nurse. Are there any CRNA programs that take a non nursing Bachelors degree applicant? I tried to do some research with no luck. Thanks in advance,

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