Need Your Advice Desperately!


Hello everyone-

I need your advise and perspective. A couple weeks ago my manager communicated with me to let me know that she was doing an investigation on "narcotic divertion" and that I was going to be place off the schedule for a couple of days. We were going to meet at HR with a specialist dealing with this.

The days passed and we met at HR with this person. My manager stated that someone in my unit thought that I might be diverting narcotics; something that completely caught me off guard and honestly hurt me. My manager, along with the pharmacy manager did the investigation, they pulled out all of the records from pixys and other narcotics that I have dealth with in the last 4 years and all of my records showed no issues and actually excellent recording of the management of such. The HR person asked me if I had an issue and I told her not at all and that I was open to any kind of investigation because I wanted that issue resolved. After a few minutes, my manager apologized and the HR person told me that if I heard rumors to go straight to her.

My manager told me that as part of the investigation she had to talk to a couple people in my unit but told them not to mention anything to anyone because of the seriousness of such.

I went back to work a few days ago and honestly I felt extremely paranoid about people looking and talking to me; this affected me a lot emotionally, it honestly hurt me.

Anyways, I was doing my job normally and all of a sudden one of our techs comes into the room and tells me, "Dude, I heard what happened to you" I was extremely surprised and asked him who had told him that, whom he said was his sister, whom is the house supervisor... I didnt say much but simply explained myself and what had happened... One of my good friends in the unit whom I told what happened told me that a couple of people from the night shift knew and one of them specifically had mention it to an Respiratory Therapist when all of the investigation was going on......

I feel extremely upset, depressed and anxious.. I didnt do anything and in the investigation was proved, but now I honestly feel like most of the people in the unit know and its making me feel extremely uncomfortable.. =(

What should I do? Honestly, I am not sure who this person who said that about me was and not sure why they did..

The issue now is that I feel like this and it upsets me that other people are saying things.. Should I talk to the HR person and my manger?

Thanks again


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First, hugs. I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. These investigations get so nasty, and EVERYONE gets caught up in the drama. Interesting news travels fast.

The good news is that with time, the drama will die down. It's just tolerating it until then. Don't feed into it, try to shrug it off if people ask about it. You can't control what people think, say or do, but you can control your response and what you put out there. Keep showing them that you have integrity and are on point, and this will all pass with time. The fact that you're back on the floor speaks to your innocence, and people will recognize that.

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People love gossip and scandal. (Look at the magazines lining the checkout counter in any grocery store.) When someone says anything to you, don't bother asking how they know. Don't bother providing details, it just gives people fodder to twist and distort. Keep it simple: "For some reason, someone thought I was diverting narcotics. Since I've never diverted a narcotic in my life, it was a simple matter to put to rest. Who goes for first coffee?"

Go about your business with a placid demeanor. Your actions can't be as easily twisted as words and explanations. Good luck.

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There are no secrets in the hospital. Air it out. Just tell everyone that you were found to be above reproach. Stick it right in their nosy little faces and own it. you have nothing to be ashamed about.

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I would definitely talk to HR about the breach in confidentiality. Once the investigation is over, and you are cleared, I would request a note from HR stating just that.

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Yeah, and the house supervisor who blabbed about a confidential investigation to her loud-mouthed tech brother? Definitely a huge ethical no-no, and they both should hear it from HR.

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Any hospital is a gossip house. It is not a good thing when the supervisor is spreading personal information around and I would make a formal complaint about that with the HR person. As far as the other staff talking about you, I would suggest you gather them in a group and just hit them head on with your innocence and that you would appreciate it if they stopped the gossip. I wonder how you got caught up in this investigation when your documentation reflects that you were not diverting narcotics. It sounds like someone was suspecting you and I would wonder who. If the environment is too brutal, then ask for a transfer to another area of the hospital where you would be interested. Good Luck!!


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Thanks everyone..

It has been extremely hard for me trying to cope with this, it did hit my confidence and values hard.

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This is going to sound awkward maybe, but could you clarify the whole incident during a staff meeting. Just talk to people about it in th meeting while you have all of their attention, that may help stop the gossip. Good luck and sorry you are going through this!