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Every company I have worked for since becoming an RN has made few to zero effort(s) to make their employees feel valued. I only have 5 years experience. Is this really what I have to look forward to... Read More

  1. by   LetLoveNReasonUnite
    My current employer yes.. my last employer no. When an organization is so disorganized and the communication is so poor, there's no way they can possibly get to know their employees, let alone value them. Seek out an employer that sees you as a person, not just a body.
  2. by   mslove717
    Short answer, no. And I don't see that ever changing. Which is why I focus on 2 things: My patients and my paycheck.
  3. by   jtk57
    I do feel valued. My manager makes a point of saying so regularly. The leadership of the hospital do the same; it's a great atmosphere in my hospital (I work in an outpatient clinic). As far as CEO compensation, I usually make it a policy to not dwell on what other people make salary-wise. I love my job, I will never be a millionare working as a nurse but I never thought I would be anyway. As a career changer I just feel absolutely blessed to have found a career I love and that has so many opportunities to learn and grow as a professional. There are a lot of people who never achieve that.
  4. by   Calalilynurse
    No. We no longer receive critical need bonus for coming in extra when units are 2 or more nurses short. We get a tacky $20 giftcard for Christmas which this year they taxed as a fringe benefits. We get bucks to trade in for rewards giftcards, meal tickets, movie ticjets. Those giftcards are also taxed. So our rewards are basically taxed. Our nurses float and take patients on other units and their nurses are techs if they even send us anyone. Our nanager has gone to the department head who pretends she had no idea it was an issue. Our unit is so overstaffed if we didn't float or come in extra we would never get a full paycheck.
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  5. by   kpk11
    Quote from datalore
    My manager - absolutely. Best manager I've ever had, even compared to non-healthcare jobs I've had. My employer - hell no. But That's been true of every job I've ever held, whether I was making sandwiches in fast food or saving lives in a hospital.
    This is true for me too. My boss seems genuinely like a good person who treats us with respect and works with us like we're all part of a team (and because of that I am willing to "go the extra mile" when he needs someone to cover a call-out or weekend shift or stay later), but the company/people in charge higher up the chain are the same greedy bastards as in any other company and they view us as completely-disposable machines who were put on this earth to make them even richer and that's it.
  6. by   smith.slm2007
    Absolutely not. I just worked 2 weeks straight alone with 35 individuals in my memory care. People quit left and right leaving me and one other individual as their only FT employees. Only one manager besides my supervisor has stopped to say anything to me. No thank you, no incentives to stay. My residents are more understanding, theyre currently the only reason I'm anchored to this facility till I complete my year of employment there.