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  1. mslove717

    I don't do well under pressure. Pls help

    Everyone walks in expecting you to be ready and waiting for them. Remember that anywhere else - doctor, emergency, clinic - they would have to WAIT. Because you can only see 1 patient at a time! I literally ignore everyone else coming in to stand there (barring a clear emergency). You have to triage but also just go down the line.
  2. mslove717

    Family Protective Services

    whenever i had reported, CPS sends me a letter that they investigated and basically - they did nothing. Our county has been under the microscope because of how understaffed they are, workers have like 4x the amt of reccomended cases. So they definately let a lot of things "slide"
  3. mslove717

    24 hour vomit rule

    same here too in NY
  4. mslove717

    Assessing the student on drugs

    this is my form too! same as already posted (site isn't letting me quote it?) Date:_______________ Time______________ PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT BP ________ Pulse _________ Respirations _________ Temperature _______ Symptoms Observed Affect/Emotion/Behavior: Yes No Agitation _____ _____ Combative behavior _____ _____ Exaggerated self-confidence _____ _____ Excitability _____ _____ Flat affect _____ _____ Flight of ideas _____ _____ Increased emotional instability____ _____ Irritability _____ _____ Mood swings _____ _____ Quarrelsome _____ _____ Suspicious _____ _____ Eyes: Inability of eyes to hold a fixed position on lateral gaze_____ _____ Markedly contracted or pinpoint pupils _____ _____ Pupils dilated/appear frozen _____ _____ Pupils non-reactive to light _____ _____ Red eyes-conjunctiva injection___ _____ Watery eyes _____ _____ Speech: Difficulty in articulation _____ _____ Incoherent _____ _____ Rapid _____ _____ Slurred _____ _____ Mental Alertness: Confusion _____ _____ Decreased attention span _____ _____ Depression _____ _____ Drowsiness _____ _____ Euphoria _____ _____ Groggy _____ _____ Poor judgment _____ _____ Slow reaction time _____ _____ Sluggish _____ _____ Stupor _____ _____ Nurse in attendance: _________________________________ Neurological: Yes No Inability to perform rapid alternative movements _____ _____ Inability to put finger to nose, finger to finger, stand on one foot with eyes closed or, walk In a straight line _____ _____ Jerky irregular movements____ _____ Tremors _____ _____ Poor coordination _____ _____ Other Signs and Symptoms: Chills _____ _____ Cramps _____ _____ Distortion of space _____ _____ Dizziness _____ _____ Nausea/vomiting _____ _____ Body and breath odor _____ _____ Odor on hands _____ _____ Odor on breath _____ _____ Clothes: __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ MEDICAL HISTORY: Diabetic _____ _____ Seizure disorder _____ _____ Unconsciousness _____ _____ Substance abuse _____ _____ Medication _____ _____ Other: __________________________________________________ ________________
  5. mslove717

    Assessing the student on drugs

    I have a "substance abuse assessment" form I fill out. It's largely subjective. It includes VS, behavior, eyes, movement, coordination tests (finger to nose, walk straight line), appearance and smell. Principals bring kids down like I will magically know. I usually say I found little out of the ordinary. It's sometimes frustrating because i am NOT trained to proclaim if someone is on illegal drugs or not. A couple times I have had to go to superintendent suspension hearings and I let them know this is my assessment but it does not objectively measure drug use. Our MS nurse went to a training put on by state police who say school nurses should NOT do the assessments - it should be done by principals. Well that will never happen. Anything with the body... call the nurse! Only things ever suspected are alcohol or marijuana at least. And we have stock Narcan and all nurses in district were trained. Some fought it but I personally like having it. It's technically our personal Narcan that was given to us at the training. To me it's a lifesaving med, why withhold it because I dislike drugs?
  6. mslove717

    Vomit Emergency

    I had to call my health aide over to laugh at this with me
  7. mslove717

    School Attendence Policies

    I am at a high school of approx 1300 kids, grades 9-12. I attend the weekly attendance meeting, where they review students who have chronic or continual absentee issues. At the last meeting, I brought up if we have any policies on file, re. if a parent is continually calling their student in "ill" at what point do we require a medical note? Apparently as of now, there is no school board approved policy. Some other team members (social work, counseling) piped up that at other schools they've worked at, they all had a policy like this. Where after 5 or 10 call-in's by parent, they must provide a doctor note. Because when a parent calls in, and they're marked "illness" then the teachers have to provide work, etc. Versus "truant" where there is little recourse for the parent/student. We have students sometimes where we know the parent is lying about it, so requesting a note would force them to either send their kid to school or get the truancy mark. Most team members were in agreement we should have a policy but that would require board approval, so then we should at least have a "high school protocol" I spoke with the medical director (district NP who I work closely with ) who will be bringing it up to the superintendent next week at their monthly meeting. So what type of policies do your schools/districts have?
  8. mslove717

    Performance Evaluation Goals??

    I did one for maintaining compliance with 12th grade meningitis immunizations (NYS now requires a 2nd dose for all students entering 12th grade and its a hot mess every year). I was able to outline how i'll obtain that. But can't think of any others. No school workshops/inservices apply to my license continuing ed. Should I just say maintain my nursing license
  9. mslove717

    Would you? Do you?

    Happens all the time, I point to where the vaseline is located. I'm not doing it. Also in my state, under 18 can't even get tattoos even with parental approval. Yet they still walk in with them.
  10. mslove717

    Use of nurse's office

    Our school avoided this for awhile. I pumped in a side room in my office. I let 1 or 2 moms pump there too, again this was a side room that we only use for school physicals (and it did NOT have a lock on it either) but most pumped in their classroom during plan period. However that was not in compliance with the law. 2 years ago they converted a faculty bathroom into a pumping room. Using the nurses office is not in compliance either because it's not private. Don't get mad at the pumping teacher, she has the right to pump at work and sounds like her employer (the school) sucks. They are trying to skirt the law by using YOU, and of course will get pissed that you are questioning it since it upends your entire routine and access to needed supplies To prove a point I would line the kids up outside the door, and make them wait the 20 mins. Email administration that the kids are waiting xyz time because you cannot access the med room. I would even link them to the law and say using the med room is not in compliance with the law
  11. mslove717

    Parental difficulties. . .

    They're pissed you asked them to p/u their kid for further medical assessment by an MD? They can complain all they want, they are ridiculous and need to care for their child. You are 100% in the right
  12. mslove717

    Screening incentives for MS and HS

    Nothing. I just call them out of class and do the screening, tell them it's state mandated, and then say "thanks for coming!"
  13. mslove717

    Performance Evaluation Goals??

    Hi, I've been asked by our district NP/medical director to send my "goals." She doesn't care about them, but the superintendent is making her go over them. What are your professional goals for school nursing? It's part of performance review. I have no idea what to put.
  14. mslove717

    Come down and take your meds!

    I don't. I am at a high school of 1400 students. I tell all parents and students, I do NOT (and cannot) interrupt classes to call for meds. I do the first couple days when they student first starts taking it, but after that, no. I see about 10-12 kids an hour - I do not have time to watch the clock and call out for all the scheduled meds here. If they go 5 days without coming, I call the parent and tell them to remind their kid. I also suggest the student set a reminder on their phone (they are to come during passing time).
  15. mslove717

    "Baby Led Weaning"??

    I have 2 young children, today is actually the baby's 1st birthday. It's huge right now in mommy groups. They claim it's not "real" choking and gagging is different than choking. They have a superiority complex, that this is "better" in some way. They post pictures feeling their babies hunks of steak, uncut pizza, etc. It's clear there's a lack of understanding in anatomy and child development... I believe within a few years this will fall out of favor.
  16. mslove717

    Atheist at Catholic hospital

    Yes as a Catholic, the terms the OP stated don't even ring as Catholic to me. Has a non-denom/evangelical feel to it...

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