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  1. I think at the heart of this issue is that employees that tend to say such things feel like in some way they were ignored. "Doing something" does not necessarily mean getting rid of the employee that made the mistake or caused the problem. You don't need to explicitly say, "Yes, we had a talk and discussed ABC and he or she is going to do XYZ", as that is really none of the complainant's business. I think its important to get the full story, including precise details, relay the information back to the complainant and say that you will follow up with it. I think communicating in such a respectful manner to both the complainant and the person being complained about, will have a good impact. I make an effort in my job to try to make it so no one feels like they are ignored, while at the same time not compromising confidentiality.
  2. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Do i really have to tell new employer about a BON intervention?

    I do not think that that's true about the OP.. I don't know why she'd lie to us when this is completely anonymous. I would tell your current employer, whoever you can trust, and I would do this in writing. If you give enough details and don't contradict yourself you will come across as honest and trustworthy. If your employer is a half-decent one, they will understand your predicament. And if you suffer further consequences for this (such as termination from your current place of employment), I would be bringing this to court. I hope that is not the case though. I wish you the best of luck.
  3. Is your union not representing you? I am so sorry that this has happened to you.
  4. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Told to fake vital signs

    That is absolutely ridiculous. I would first try to confront the issue head-on. Ensure that the nurse absolutely 100% knows that there is no equipment and that it sounds like the other aides are making up numbers. I would communicate solely by leaving a paper/electronic trail (somehow manage to obtain her email at work). Then, if you get no or an insufficient response, go above the nurse all the way up to the DON. Upper management can't fix a problem they don't know exists. Then, if need be, notify the governing body of nursing and/or the ombudsman. And, I agree with the posters above me - it would be a good idea to look for employment elsewhere while going through the above.
  5. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Mnemonic for Assessing DEMENTIA

    This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Dementia & delirium are fascinating topics.
  6. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Nursing 20 years/MED ERROR

    "The process is to be examined, not to punish anyone but to see where the errors were made and enforce how to prevent. People make mistakes" This is true. You were not treated well at all, and for that I am sorry. It sounds like you've definitely learned from your mistake and took accountability for it.
  7. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Unprofessional to mention you have other patients?

    I agree. I could see if it was some issue where you divulged information about the other patient. But the fact of the matter is nurses are responsible for a set number of patients and certain treatments and procedures need to take priority. Some patients take 'patient-centered" care to an extreme wherein they can sometimes neglect the fact that nurses have to care for other patients too.
  8. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Nursing is not what it is made out to be..

    I agree with the examples you give to both cases of bullying and non-bullying. And I agree - sometimes it can be abused. I certainly want the concern brought forward (hopefully to the 'alleged' bully first) regardless if it was bullying or not. Spaces where people feel okay to come forward to express these concerns are the safest.
  9. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Nursing is not what it is made out to be..

    You are in denial. Bullying in nursing is so pervasive it was part of my nursing education. That is a fact. Just because you haven't experienced it does not mean it does not exist.
  10. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Workplace Harassment forced me to resign

    This is very true. I also like TriciaJ's advice. Ask for specifics about the complaints (from the person alleging that there has been some complaints brought forth). If there is any validity, they should be able to provide you with something specific to learn from. Even if the patient is afraid to speak to you directly about it, as Kooky Korky points out, they should have given specific examples to whoever it is that is informing you of the complaint.
  11. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Workplace Harassment forced me to resign

    I am so sorry you went through this experience OP. You had to do what was right for your mental health and get out of there. I definitely see what you were getting at by referencing the Holocaust poem. You have a desire to stand up for your friends and not let others suffer as you have suffered. Workplace harassment is a really serious issue, and I commend you for wanting to do something now to fight it. I have experienced workplace violence myself and believe in fighting against it. Areas where workplace harassment runs rampant, are the most unsafe in my opinion. It's worth fighting against. I would continue to consult with your union, to see if anything else can be done. I would consult with a lawyer (I have ones in my city that will from time to time offer free legal consultations - perhaps you have lawyers in your city who would do the same), as they would be the best ones to tell you if you had a leg to stand on, so to speak. Also, my province (New Brunswick, Canada) is currently working on incorporating workplace harassment into it's occupational health and safety act. Perhaps there is something you could do to get involved in helping push legislation forward to fight workplace harassment.
  12. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Nursing is not what it is made out to be..

    I am sorry you have had such an awful experience as a nurse. I have seen both the extremely negative and extremely positive sides of nursing. I'd have to say that the environments which foster the negative side of nursing (featuring degradation and punitive treatment, as you mention in your post) do nothing to foster safe patient outcomes. Those environments are the most unsafe for patients and nurses alike. I really believe the best care institutions are ones wherein the care giver is taken into account. The nursing home I work at has a great care philosophy guiding its care. The only kind of place I'd want to work or have a loved one cared for is one where the people are treated well, irregardless of whether they are wearing a johnny shift or scrubs. I have read some interesting research RE disciplinary action taken against nurses vs. disciplinary action taken against physicians, which does not contradict your assertions. I have not done enough research to really say for sure, but it does seem like nurses are made to be accountable and face disciplinary action moreso than physicians.
  13. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Should I start out on night shift?

    Apply as many places as you can, to keep your options open. Night shifts would not be bad to work and you would probably have a better time gaining seniority as there would be less competition for shifts. Also be mindful of the fact that you should not be put in a charge capacity (even after a set number of weeks of orientation), just by virtue of being a new grad. Nights shifts = less nurses = more chance you will be asked to fulfill this role.
  14. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    My inner snowflake

    I really feel like nursing should have some sort of aptitude test to gain entry into nursing programs - college and university programs. Great grades don't necessarily mean you'll be a great nurse, so I don't think more baccalaureate nurses would equal more professional behaviour. I think it takes a special kind of person to be a nurse. Nursing is a highly respected profession. We have big shoes to fill!
  15. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    My Mom passed away. Did I do the right thing?

    I am so, so sorry for the loss of your mother. You provided her with exceptional care and it sounds like you were very diligent during her final hours. It sounds like it was her time to go, unfortunately. There was nothing else you could have done, or should have done. Your mother was fortunate to have you there with her in her last hours. Please ensure you are taking care of yourself now, and please don't blame yourself.
  16. LetLoveNReasonUnite

    Eating Their Young

    I did not accuse anyone on here of being a bully.. nor do I expect people to be perfect. I think we should be decent human beings to each other. Remember at any point a coworker can become a patient. At what point does the bully see them as worthy of their compassion?