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Average IQ of a BSN nurse

  1. 0 In your professional opinion, what's the average IQ of a BSN nurse? Could, say, someone of average to slightly above average IQ become a nurse?
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    More than a 1000. Seriously, out of millions do u expect us to know this?
    Common sense states above avg due to the skill, unpredictablity and creativity needed in an avg shift.
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    I would hope so - majority of the people are at average - height, weight, IQ, income etc.
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    I believe IQ have little to nothing to do with whether someone will make it through nursing school, pass boards, and land a job.
    I have worked with nurses that were not the brightest bulb on the tree with all different levels of education. Some nurses are book smart but lack clinical skills and vice versa.
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    Doesn't matter how many IQ points you have, it matters how many of them you fire up at any given time. And I say that as a proud member of MENSA.
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    This has nothing to do with iq level. Nursing is how well you communicate, asking pertinent questions, being a good team player, and being flexible. If you have all these, or learn these skills, you will go far.
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    The degree does not necessarily match the IQ level. Some schools have much higher standards than others. You have to be above average intelligence to graduate from one of the top ten schools....as well as very passionate and dedicated to the work. Hard work can get you a long way, but if you can't connect the dots......
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    This question sounds very funny to me.
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    Most are a level two on the Fujisaki Scale. Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference.
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    I'll let you know when I finish my BSN....
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    Quote from Seas
    This question sounds very funny to me.
    i think i know what you mean...

    if dick is friends with jane, and kermit is cheating on miss piggy...then why is it raining today?
    iow, there isn't any correlation betw education and intelligence...
    since knowledge is not the same as intelligence.

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    This ? is very strange!
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    What's IQ have to do with what job a person holds? I know roughnecks and truckers who are members of Mensa and I had a couple of college professors whose IQ was probably lower that their hat size.
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