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Hi everyone, I'm just a first semester student so I know I have a long way to go, but my husband keeps talkling about leaving California when I am finished with school and I'm wondering where is the... Read More

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    I can tell you that Texas is growing and needs nurses in many areas. The cost of living is cheaper here than in most of CA. We have a law regarding staffing in which each hospital is required to have a committee made up mostly of staff nurses + CNO + HR person to plan staffing for their own facility (they know the needs better than anyone). Another law is Safe Harbor to protect nurses from unsafe practices. Also, whistleblower law and non-assault law for nurses. I moved to Texas 15 years ago and so glad I did. We appreciate unique people - makes you more interesting. Austin's mantra is "Keep Austin Weird". Hope you are happy wherever you go.
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    Quote from classicdame
    ...Austin's mantra is "Keep Austin Weird". Hope you are happy wherever you go.
    Despite the weirdness factor, Austin is the home of a place where I would like to work after I retire... some serious geekery goin' on over there.
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    Please excuse the mini-threadjack: But just to clarify - "Keep Austin Weird" is interpreted as a very positive thing by their citizens! Not a negative term at all. But, other Tx cities are already so 'weird' that we don't have to make any effort to keep them that way - LOL.
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    Quote from KelRN215

    Meaning in California, there are laws regarding how many nurses a patient can care for at once where as in all other 49 states, there are no such laws and the hospital can have you caring for 12 patients if it so pleases.
    Wow, interesting. The nurses here complain too about how high the ratios are. I wasn't aware other states don't mandate.
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    If you are in your first semester ( I assume a Bachelor's program), you have over 3 1/2 years before you even graduate, and can take board exams. No one can predict where there might be jobs by then....and where your husband will also be able to find work. I sure wouldn't worry about anything but getting through school at the moment.
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    I eventually want to move my family to another state but I should have about six years experience by then. The things that I look for are nice small towns outside of bigger cities that will offer more in terms of work but help keep our home out of the chaos. I already work for a top 100 hospital that is Magnet and happens to be a teaching hospital with a large university nearby. These are also qualities I have added in the search when looking around for a job and a place to move. Good luck!
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    I am a CA new grad, and have found just from internet research that NC and TX are very welcoming. I am headed to LA (as in Louisiana), and haven't heard anything bad about it ( ok so low pay, but for a new grad it's sort of expected). Some things I looked for: large/ many beds, teaching hospitals, magnet status, job opportunities, good reviews from RN staff, etc. Be open minded and good luck!
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    I live in the Bay Area of CA and things are tight here. I am not in favor of how large (in terms of population) California is getting and the state is constantly in some sort of "financial crisis". I want to move out of state too, OP.
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    I'm in a state of shock

    Lol. NYS sucks- don't come here,snow and cold suck.

    My hospital does seem to have decent ratios though .
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    I would stay in California if I already lived there because nurses are protected from having too many patients to safely care (the nurse to patient ratio) for in that state. It's the only state in the US that does it, which sucks for us in the other states because we have don't have that luxury. California would be very far for me to go away from friends and family (I'm in Michigan). Do what is right for you of course, but it's something to think about.

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