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Actors, singers, authors, comedians, etc...? If so, how did he/she treat you as their nurse? If you were "starstruck", how did you handle it? How did the hospital hide their identity? Did... Read More

  1. by   heathert_kc
    As a new LPN working in a federal holding facility I worked with or did the medical intake anyway of a couple of names a recognized if not just from the news (notorious criminals) or celeb who got into big trouble. My strategy was to treat them like anyone else and didn't even acknowledge that I knew who they were. Didn't seem weird to me, business as usual....
  2. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    Yes, I've had a celebrity as a patient. A very nice person, too!

    An interesting piece of information that I can share because HIPAA is not violated...

    Joe Biden, current VP, is the father of Delaware's Attorney General. His son suffered a CVA and came to Delaware's certified stroke center. This quickly became published news. Because of his history of prosecuting individuals, and his "well known" status, he was moved to another hospital once stabilized. The name of that hospital wasn't divulged until after he was discharged.

    I thought it was pretty neat that he was offered that privacy, especially since DE is a small world!
  3. by   Fuzzy
    We see quite a few famous artists, actors, athletes, and other celebs and their pets. We treat just like we would any other person. In fact the whole community seems to do so. I guess that's why so many like living here.

  4. by   melsman1904
    I've taken care of a professional athlete's mother. He was there with Mom all day and was a pretty nice guy. If anything, he struck me as a little naive. He walked all over the unit barefoot. I told him that it wasn't such a great idea to walk around barefoot, but he shrugged it off. Oh well, job security, right?
  5. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Quote from newway
    Not in a hospital but before I worked in a hospital I was a bricklayer for twenty years, so no HIPPA to worry about. We did a house for stenstrum when he was quarterback of the Chicago bears. He was very nice, he came in one day after work while we were having a few beers with some friends, and his wife. They had a couple with us and were all very laid back and polite. The next day his wife made us brownies and brought them into work. I met Mike Singletary riding his bike with his daughter, and talked for a bit. Both Harris and Gault came to look at houses we were building. We did the house directly behind Michel Jordan's, but never met or even saw him walk outside L.
    Never met a celebrity that was rude. It was usually the spouses of doctors or lawyers that were a pain to work with.
    Not at work but i rode an elevator with walter paton once. I didn't say anything but hi with a big grin.
    I sat next to Minnie Pearl in a restaurant once; does that count?
  6. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    During my med-surg rotation, I treated the founder and CEO of a tech company.
  7. by   tokmom
    I took care of a high ranking state official. I only had him for a pt, and he was pretty stable. Very nice man. He and I talked about a lot of random things.

    Another pt I had was wanted by Federal Marshalls. They came to the room to get him after he was dc'd. They had their guns in their belts and badges. That was weird. They handcuffed him and took him away. As they were putting him in the car, he asked to speak to me. I thought he was going to tell me I was going to be killed or something for calling the cops. Instead he asked me to call his mom, lol. I never did find out what he did.
  8. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I met Downtown Julie Brown when I was 12 at the airport

    As a student I was assigned to a VIP Patient. Wasn't famous outside of the hospital system and had a whole array of family that were Docs and Practitioners (no pressure) but they were absolutely fabulous and made me feel really great about the kind of nurse I would become. One of the nicest patients I ever had and the family was super nice too and kept telling me I gave wonderful care to their family member. It was sort of a unique situation and I could help this patient in a way my co-nurse couldn't.
  9. by   chicookie
    actors, singers, authors, comedians, etc...?
    we get alot from the local football team. they are super famous in their hometown. the children's hospital gets alot of celebrities that come to see them. i was on the elevator with two somewhat famous disney stars. that was awkward. we aren't suppose to talk to them or act like we know them is what our policy says. it was also stressed upon during orientation.
    oh and a month ago i was almost ran over by the football team mascot as he skated out the children's hospital elevators. does that count?

    if so, how did he/she treat you as their nurse? they were nice to me, i think....he didn't give me any problems and i don't really remember him so i assume he was ok.

    if you were "starstruck", how did you handle it? i didn't know who it was i just went about my day.....

    how did the hospital hide their identity? different name and all that jazz. but everyone knew there was a famous person there, it was just me who had no idea who the man was. -__- and the reason i say i guess he was nice is because i didn't know the whole day i took care of him. it wasn't till the next day that someone told me who he was. i just thought he was loved and well respected. no one talked about him, and alot of people who i thought were family kept going in and out of the room. we have a vip room but when there are no vips we just stick lucky individuals in them. how was i supposed to know? i don't watch football.......... :d
    i was excited because it said he worked for the school board and dumb me kept asking about all the rumors i heard about it. -_________-

    did he/she bring an entourage with them?
    possibly. i assumed everyone is family so...... they were all white, ok!?! i can't tell them apart. lol actually i am horrendous at paying attention to peoples faces.

    what were their families like? the people in the room where always super nice and thinking back it probably had something to do with the fact that i had no idea who they were and treated him like a regular person...maybe also that i kept asking questions about his imaginary job..

    anyone deliver a famous woman's baby? noooooooooooo.
  10. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    OH! In my first year as a nurse, I took care of a young man who would become a famous magazine + newspaper columnist and TV commentator . He wasn't famous at the time, but he was extremely intelligent and ssssooooooooo very beautiful/handsome. I must admit he did make my heart pound and my mouth get dry(I was a VERY young 20 yr. old) But I just kind of tried to ignore that as best I could and just tend to business. What else could I do? He didn't need someone acting all flirty and pitty-pat, and I didn't need to make a fool of myself. And, when I was in high-school I babysat for a current movie-actors sisters; officially I was his babysitter too, but he was 12 and totally rejected the idea he needed a babysitter.