Annoyed by what I saw in the dining room...vent

  1. About a week ago, I was waiting in line on my dinner break, and in front of me was a nursing instructor, a handful of nursing students, and a physician. The instructor shooed the physician ahead of her, saying 'You go ahead, Dr. XYZ.' For some reason, that annoyed me more than anything has lately around the hospital. I mean, really!?! - why is his time more important than anyone else's? Was she showing respect to a doctor, making a point (???) to her students, deferring to him without reason... I really don't know why, but it's still bothering me, and I thought I'd share. Of course, he went ahead, signed his slip for his free meal () and went on... thanks for listening to my vent!
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  3. by   Altra
    An influx of fresh nursing faculty is needed desperately ...
  4. by   nerdtonurse?
    Maybe the instructor did it for the same reason I let someone who's in scrubs and working go ahead of me in the cafeteria if I'm just over at the hospital visiting a friend? If clinicals were over and they were just going to eat and do post clinical, then I would let someone who was on the clock go ahead.

    If it was just because the person was a doc, I don't agree with the instructor, but the one thing I learned a long time ago was never argue with a nursing instructor. There's not a point, and they know everyone....and can burn a bridge right out from under you.
  5. by   ObtundedRN
    I agree with the above. Maybe the instructor didn't want to hold up someone on the clock with her 10 nursing students. Or maybe she is friends with the doc and was being nice.
  6. by   klone
    Yes, if I'm with a big group of people, and I see a singleton, I will often let them go ahead as well.
  7. by   Orange Tree
    Aww, come's OK to be courteous- even to physicians.
  8. by   Purple_Scrubs
    How do you know she wouldn't have done the same if it was a nurse, or family member, or anyone else. Seems to me if I have a large group with me and there is an individual in line after us all, I would let that individual go ahead regardless of their title.
  9. by   KarmaWiseRaven
    Or maybe she's sleeping with him i mean come on letting a DR take cuts she has to be doing something with him other then being polite. I mean who's polite these days and look how mad she got you for being polite so lets get nasty thoughts on why she did it. I mean heck standing in line for what a whole 3 to 4 minute's longer. Yeah i would be mad as well who does she think she is. I would find that teacher and tell her the next time she wants to give her lover cuts do it on her own freaking time.

    My point is if your really going to rant about something choose your battles wiser. Standing in line didn't hurt that much and her being polite just because he was a DR doesn't mean anything. I have let flight crews go a head of me not because they are better or stronger or have a more important job then me.

    It's Because We Are On The Same Freaking Team and being polite just makes our job and the world go around a little better and they might return the favor back to you. Did your food get cold? Where you late getting back to the floor? If i was to rant about something it wouldn't be about some DR getting cut's Now don't you agree? These are my thoughts use them as you wish.. Choose your battles you'll go further
  10. by   merlee
    It's not much different than letting someone with a carton of milk go in front of your full cart in the grocery store. Lighten up, dearie!
  11. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    Wow, you really shouldn't let such little things upset you so much, it's really not healthy! Let it go.
  12. by   ElvishDNP
    A hospital where I used to work had a sign that asked everyone to please allow physicians to the front of the line. Not where I am now. But if I were with a big group and saw someone who obviously had a tighter schedule to keep than I do (a tired floor nurse in scrubs, or perhaps a doctor too), it would be the courteous thing to do to let them enjoy their precious 30 minutes (or less). Honestly, that's what this sounds like. Not like she is giving up her hard-earned chair to the Almighty Infallible Doctor God.

    As they say, the toes you step on today might be connected to the bum you have to kiss tomorrow.
  13. by   steelcityrn
    Im sorry but I agree with her. Let the physician get their food and eat, as their beeper could go off any minute for an emergency. You need to get used to this, it happens
  14. by   KUNursingStudent
    Not worth the "venting!" Life's way too short! Move on!