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Hi all, I am currently a nursing student in a BSN RN program heading into my senior year (woo hoo almost done). I have also been elected Vice President of the Student Nurses Association at my... Read More

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    Good for you Spidey - just one more thought for these kids. Even if you guys don't have a ceremony, BUY your pin from whomever sells them!!! You'll never have the opportunity to do so again! Pins that have been lost or stolen are sorely missed by their owners. Years ago, RN magazine had a yearly issue whose cover page was full of various school pins; some pins were exquisite. So memorable to see your pin there. Don't know if RN magazine still exists. Ohhh, the old days!
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    My ADN program did not have a pinning. Though we did have the option of buying a pin (at over 100 some dollars, with no job and school debts, no thanks) I wasn't that upset.
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    I couldn't tell you when the pinning or capping ceremonies were because I never seemed to know when anything was going on. That is what can happen when you live about 65 miles away from the school and nobody cares to clue you in. The only time I ever got approached about anything having to do with my nursing school class was when some people hit me up to go to an attorney on behalf of the class. Yeah, right.
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    I feel that having both a pinning ceremony and a graduation ceremony is redundant, which is one reason I'm only attending my graduation ceremony and not my pinning. Perhaps if there was some way that they could be combined, that would be more efficient.
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    Some people are saying it is redundant to have a pinning and graduation. I know I am excited for both because pinning is just for my fellow nurses. We are pretty close and celebrating together is really exciting. The graduation is so I can celebrate not specifically nursing but to celebrate getting a bachelors with the entire graduating class. I am pretty close to people in a lot of majors (I go to a university). If you go to a specific nursing school then I see where you are coming from, but coming from a university, graduation is a very different celebration from pinning.
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    Quote from drem7116
    If you dont mind me asking where did you go to school? and did you find that majority of your class decided to decline the pinning ceremony?
    I went to Saint Louis University. We had about 120 in our class (there is the 4 year and the accelerated BSN, which had less students) and I'd say more than half attended but I don't know the numbers. It was held in the college church which also influenced my decision not to attend as I am not religious.
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    My BSN batch had a pinning ceremony back in 1991 where the graduates wore white uniforms with the women wearing nursing caps. When I graduated from my master's years later in 2003 at a different university, there was no pinning ceremony. However, there was a College of Nursing Convocation Ceremony where BSN, MSN, and PhD graduates attended and wore academic regalia (graduation cap and gown). Pinning was an option in this event, some of the graduates purchased the expensive school pin and had a faculty member pin them. The entire university graduation or commencement was a separate event.
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    In Nursing you get little recognition as it is. Pinning Ceremony is something created to set you apart from accountants. At the Ceremony you swear before everyone that you devote yourself to those placed within your charge
    It means you are special. You can bet your Dupa that the Deans wouldn't give up their BS Ceremonies. But the school got your money. They are happy. The only possible way to get the school back is to not join their Alumni organisation. Don't give them any more money and write them and tell them why.
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    If i was with my original class I think it would have meant more to me as that group was a lot closer to me. Since I failed and got held backa semester, I came into a class I didnt really fit in well with. The inside stories they joked around about at the ceremony were foreign to me and I didnt know half the people well. I went mainly cause my grandma wanted to see me go through it.
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    My pinning ceremony meant a lot to me. I think probably now more than it did, because "capping" has certainly gone the way of the dinosaurs along with white dress. Now that there are growing numbers of men becoming nurses, I can see that; but pinning isn't really gender-specific.

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