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  1. by   Menelope
    I know I'm chiming in long after the thread was posted, however, I was just informed that my school will no longer be holding pinning ceremonies, starting next year. They are converting our gymnasium into a wellness/fitness center. They contracted with the local university to use their arena for the graduations ceremonies but not for pinning ceremonies. We were led to believe when we started our program (an accelerated 1 year LPN to RN) program that we would be pinned next June (2013) but now they've changes their minds. They are expecting us to walk in the graduation ceremony in May wearing a cap and gown and our pin on that, then go back to school the next week for our summer semester/Practicum, and then finish out June 20, at which time we will get our actual signed degree. At the graduation ceremony, we get a blank document.
  2. by   RNJill
    I had a beautiful pinning ceremony-didn't expect that it would end up being as meaningful to me as it has ultimately become! I don't understand the whole thing about it not being "professional," as I went to a very well-regarded BSN program and there was absolutely no discussion from them about doing away with the ceremony. What could be unprofessional about a well-organized ceremony that includes speeches from successful nurses, attendees dressed in spotless white, and honors for some of the best nurses graduating that year?

    I guess I am a little biased toward being very complimentary of "my" ceremony because of one of my favorite memories I have from it: a few days after it was over, my mom told me that it was only after seeing it that my stepdad realized what an awesome accomplishment nursing school was for me and how amazing some of my professors were. So, yeah, I think we should keep pinning :-)
  3. by   tacomaster
    There's a rumor going around that my school will not be having a pinning ceremony for us next year. We are a private University so they are trying to say the pinning ceremony is something state schools do. We've been in existence for over a hundred years. Oh well. I'll just get a group together and do it in the parking lot.
  4. by   PediLove2147
    I liked it because it was a time for just the nurses to be honored. Graduation is so big and it was nice to have a time where my family could see me. I do think the pins were kind of pricey, I would love to pass mine down. If they do away with the pinning ceremony I guess won't have anything to do with it.
  5. by   Racer15
    Pinning is still a big thing at my school. I don't really care one way or the other, and was actually going to skip mine, but my family threw a fit. I have a bachelors degree and went to that graduation ceremony (had no desire to, things like that just don't matter to me, but my mother went nuts when I said I wasn't planning on going), so another ceremony was not big on my things to do list. At my school though, they no longer offer graduation ceremonies for people obtaining their degrees in the fall. Many of my classmates are moving after this month, so for them, pinning is the only acknowledgement of their hard work that they will get.