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  1. Waterhouse gives a good explanation in this article: An Audit of Nurses' Conduct and Recording of Observations Using the Glasgow Coma Scale You are correct that central pressure should be used in the GCS-Motor. A central stimulus is applied to the c...
  2. Pupillometer guideline

    Hi! We're looking into using these, did you ever find/develop a policy or protocol that you'd be willing to share? Thanks!
  3. Metairie/New Orleans Jobs

    Hi! I'm considering moving to NOLA, just curious how things worked out for you!
  4. GPA for USC?

    Hi there! I'm in an MSN program now (it was almost as fast for me to do an MSN as a BSN) and I'm hoping to go to USC's CRNA program. I know it's ridiculously competitive, hence my question. One of my classes right now has discussion boards weekly...
  5. Wiping off IV ports

    Of course when I used (past tense!!) the flush caps I didn't set them down - I would take it off the syringe, hold it and screw into the end of the tubing. Touching air doesn't make things un-sterile!! If it did, the OR wouldn't be a pleasant place ...
  6. How messed up is this?

    You said it better!!! It is nice to have more than purely a contract- a sense of loyalty makes employment more pleasant. There's an awesome book, "If Disney Ran Your Hospital", that talks about courtesy and going out of your way as an employer to re...
  7. I graduated todayyyyyy!!!!!

    Sheesh I understand about your situation as a tech- good luck! I worked as a tech through NS, had awesome performance reviews, aced my interview with my facility for Versant, but didn't get it because I'm ADN. Good plan to just go to the hospitals. ...
  8. Wiping off IV ports

    Makes sense. I guess where I'm confused is that I fail to see the difference in the cap from the flush and the little white plastics caps. They're both sterile, and they're both covering the threads & tip of the tubing that connects to the IV sit...
  9. Abolishing the Pinning Ceremony

  10. What is the answer to this question!?

    Yes - all the docs at my work use 1 ml/kg (body weight)/hr now.
  11. a question about cardiac arrest w/asystole!

    I haven't had it with a patient, but I have a friend who flat-lined 3 times in one day. He was mid 20s when it happened (10 or so years ago), a professional athlete, and has had an AICD ever since. They've never figured out why he had the sudden ca...
  12. Wiping off IV ports

    Thanks for the info! I'm on my way to class (MSN program) and I'm gonna ask my friends what they do & if they've ever checked, out of curiosity.
  13. Major Drug Shortages Looming

    Could you share what you find? I've seen Zofran work on countless patients, not to mention myself! Reglan & Compazine give me dystonia, but good ol' Zofran has yet to let me down.
  14. Wiping off IV ports

    Huh I'll definitely check out their website, I used it as a resource for a poster presentation I did for our Skills Fair this year, and they had some great resources. Do you have any specific links to info re: saline flush caps?
  15. Wiping off IV ports

    I was taught that the rubber stopper is sterile under the cap, which makes sense considering how hard it is to pop some of those suckers off. Now that I think about it though, I've never checked manufacturer packing to see if it is actually sterile u...