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  1. StephMom&RN

    OB "Goodie" Bags for Moms

    When I delivered my daughter (at the hospital where I currently work) in addition to the usual diaper bag with pacifiers, diapers, onesies and blankets... I was sent home with a book, I called it my baby bible..and loved having it around since she was my first child.. it was several hundrend pages long and had detailed info on baby-infant-child development, ages 0-5yrs... My daughter will be five this year and I still use it as a reference... I use(d) it more than anything else I was sent home with..
  2. StephMom&RN

    Stupid things that nurses say

    One of my first patient assessments... the patient wanted to know why the nurses keep asking him his name, where he was and the date (A&O)... Me: We just need to check your orientation.. Patient: My orientation?? How do those questions determine that? Me: (Now Embarrassed) NO... I Mean... um... oh goodness.... Patient laughs.. My patient was homosexual, for a second he thought I meant his sexual orientation... oops...
  3. StephMom&RN

    Not satisfied with Kaplan

    I used Kaplan and passed NCLEx the first time, 75 questions... Kaplan focuses on test-taking strategies mainly... after my Kaplan course, I took a few weeks to review content (from Kaplan's content review book and my HESI review book) and answered 100s of questions (I only did questions from their Qbank, it helped a lot)... Its true that their decision tree doesn't work on EVERY question you come across (they give you tips/strategies for most types of questions), I think I may have only used it 20 or so times during my NCLEx, but what I did get from Kaplan, and what I believe saved my tail, was learning how to slow down and dissect each question... how to break the question down, determine what's being asked and choose the best answer. I don't think I would've done so well on NCLEx without Kaplan... but Idk if that's due to Kaplan teaching me what I needed to know, or if taking the course gave me the confidence to go in there and do my best... I don't know.. but if I had to do it again, I'd use Kaplan again... just my opinion..
  4. Hi acbn, I agree with the other two posts.. it really depends on the hospital. I live in Chicago and work at a suburban hospital.. I just graduated with my ADN (I have a BS in Bio) and was hired on the Mother/Baby unit of my hospital.. I will say that I feel extremely lucky (blessed!)... a classmate worked as a unit clerk on a mother/baby floor in a Chicago hospital our last quarter and moved into a nursing position after graduation... My hospital has Magnet status, most nursing positions are posted as "BSN preferred"... I'm hearing that pretty soon the postings will change to "BSN required"... also, anyone in a management position or higher is REQUIRED to have a BSN in order to get/keep their position. During my job search I saw pretty much the same thing at most "good" hospitals in and around Chicago... it's not impossible to get a nurisng position with an ADN in the Chicagoland Area but you may have a much harder time doing so than with a BSN...
  5. I graduated Feb 2012, took a Kaplan course mid-March.. got my ATT late March/early April, scheduled NCLEx April 18th then rescheduled to May 8th giving me a few more weeks to review. A lot of people told me not to reschedule my NCLEx but I didn't want to take it until I felt CONFIDENT to sit for it. I took it at 8am May 8th and passed in 75 questions. I don't regret moving my test date at all. I took it when I felt confident and ready.
  6. StephMom&RN

    Chicago Nurses Night Out

    A lot of people expressed interest on your other post about this... Summertime is here!! Do you have anything set up yet??
  7. StephMom&RN

    Graduation gift for new nurse

    I'm sure your daughter graduated already (Congrats to her btw!!)... but I just graduated and got some great gifts, thought I'd share in case anyone reads this thread looking for ideas... They were very "nursey" which I loved because it made me feel "official"... My older sis, who's an RN got me a gift basket filled with things I'll need on the floor: penlight, watch, pens (lots and lots of pens), dry erase makers, scissors, etc, and a fanny pack to put it all in... she also got me a pair of white nursing shoes (haven't tested them out yet) and the best part of the package was the Littmann Master Cardiology Steth, gold and black with my name engraved on it including "RN"... One of the best gifts I've ever received.. I cannot wait to use.. everything!!! Oh and I got several gift cards to Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts for use during NCLEx prep.. those cards DEFINITELY came in handy!! An NCLEx prep course (like Kaplan) would also be a great gift... most new grads probably can't afford the course but would really benefit from it..
  8. StephMom&RN


    Thank you.. and I'll be working in Mother/Baby!!!
  9. StephMom&RN

    How did you *know* your specialty and when?

    Hi KrsitenNola, I minored in Psych during undergrad so I was familiar with the area before nursing school/clinical... I also worked in OutPt Psych prior to nursing (because I needed a job, not because I wanted to be in that field).. It takes a special kind of person to work with that patient population and I just know that I honestly can't. My Psych clinical rotation wasn't horrible... but I didn't enjoy it at all. It's a "different" kind of nursing, every specialty has its own "brand" of nurse and Psych just isn't for me...
  10. StephMom&RN

    How did you *know* your specialty and when?

    I was absolutely sure I didn't want Psych and was very much interested in OB/LD... My OB clinical solidified it for me! I didn't mind getting up at 0400-0500, in the freezing blistering cold and was always happy to be there.. every other clinical was just, meh...
  11. StephMom&RN

    ADN...is it worth the time?

    I have to say honestly, I sometimes wish I decided on Nursing right out of high school and gotten my BSN.. this would've saved me lots of time and money (and from feeling like I have to PROVE to others that simply having a BSN doesn't make you a better nurse than me!!, lol)... but I don't live with regrets.. make the best out of today: I graduated with a BS in Biology in 2006, started an ADN program 2009 (against the wishes of my BSN sister), worked at a great hospital while in school (NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK)... graduated Feb 2012.. took NCLEx May 08, 2012.. interviewed May 18, 2012 and got hired this past Monday (May 21st)... not everyone has been this lucky!! I was worried for a long time. I plan to go back for my Master's, which will help since my hospital recently became Magnet accredited... an online RN-MSN program most likely... Im avoiding BSN if I can (only because I already have a bachelor-level degree) I will say that a lot of hospitals in my area, especially those with Magnet status already have "BSN required or BSN preferred" on their job postings (including mine)... the ADN route worked better for me so far.. can't say it will for everyone... when people I know ask, if they don't already have a higher level degree, I tell them to get a BSN.. not because it will automatically make them a better nurse... but because it may make it easier to find a job and I see Nursing shifting in that direction (requiring all RNs to have BSNs)...
  12. StephMom&RN

    Starting Salary [new grad]?

    Chicago burbs/Womens Hosp/ADN (with BS in Bio)/$26 base plus awesome differentials and benefits
  13. StephMom&RN

    what if you already have a B.S?

    My story is similar to Shorty11 but I went another route... I have a BS in Biology and want my masters in Nursing... GPA wasn't high enough for some Accelerated BSN programs.. there was a long waiting list for the Masters-Entry programs (earn your MSN if you have a Bachelors in another field)... I reserached DOZENS of programs in my area and decided on a ADN/ASN program to get into field and to follow that up with an RN-to-MSN program... preferably online... I just graduated (with a much higher GPA this time) so the first part in done... I plan to work, get experience and in a year or two start a MSN program... I'm avoiding BSN if I can... if I go back to school again I want my Masters...
  14. StephMom&RN

    What jobs did you do before nursing?

    I've always wanted to go into health care... researched and even fell in like with a couple other professions (Physical Therapist, Forensic Science, Lab Technician) but fell in LOVE with nursing after taking a serious look into it... my work history is wwwaayyy off course: Very first job: Jr. Park Ranger, the summer before high school... learned about nature and taught what we learned to youngens.. I was a telephone interviewer on and off for many years starting at 16 (we called ppl & asked survey questions "would you say your service was excellent, very good, good, fair or poor?") I started clerical/secretary work in undergrad (Front desk assistant, desk receptionist, office assistant) After graduating with a bachelors and unable to find decent work related to my degree (Biology) my previous work experience helped me get my first hospital job: Senior Secretary in Outpt Psych. After a year in that position I moved to Senior Secretary Emergency Department... where I was able to network, LEARN more about Nursing as well as healthcare and stay employed while in nursing school... Just recently got hired as Staff Nurse: Mother/Baby ....100% my dream job
  15. StephMom&RN

    I got a job!!!! BOO-YOW!