Abbreviation for ointment

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    I was just making notes of some abbreviations for dosage forms and saw "ung" listed as the abbreviation for ointment. What I was wondering is if this is actually what nurses, doctors, etc. use in practice? To me it seems I have only ever seen "oint" used as the abbreviations? Any thoughts on this?

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    ung is the standard.

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    Thank you!
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    I <3 when people point out these abbreviations, helps me remember. But it is Latin [L.] unguentum (ointment).
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    ung is it
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    I guess I have been documenting poorly. We have a list of approved and NO NO

    I usually write something like TAO applied to wound....etc
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    Ung is the term that orders used to be written in (and I'm sure some still are) but nobody is going to ding you for writing 'ointment'. Especially since some of the older apothecary terms aren't used- grains used to be the standard way to have Tylenol and aspirin ordered ..... APAP X gr po q4h prn pain or temp over 101.0 F .... then (I don't remember when- but I used to use grains a lot !) the trend went to mgs. Drams.... I only remember seeing that a few times.
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    Ung is the correct abbreviation for ointment as previous posters have indicated. However, the trend now is moving away from using any abbreviations so check your facility's list of approved abbreviations and if it's not there; spell it out (including TAO).
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    I have seen it charted as oink before. I didnt know where I was supposed to slather the pig.
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    I saw ung for the first time used by the DPCS at a previous agency. Since then, I've only seen it a few times. I usually use and see "oint".

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