A Father's Tears - page 2

I received his mother, AA, to a room on our floor shortly after midnight one night. She had presented to ER at 15+ weeks gestation with ruptured membranes and intermittent vaginal bleeding; the OB staff suspected chorioamnionitis... Read More

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    That is just so moving.I have tears running down my cheeks at that story.
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    Thank you so much for sharing this. But, thank you even more for being there for this family in a way that I'm sure they will always remember. You couldn't restore what they'd lost, but your sensitive and thoughtful assistance at such a pivotal moment kept them from losing even more. You helped them redeem the little that was salvageable from a terribly sad situation. And you helped a man become forever a daddy.

    Thank you on their behalf.
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    What a wonderful story, thanks so much for sharing this with us all. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for being such a wonderful supportive nurse to this family as well!
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    Thank you for sharing this with us. I am in awe of the job you do, working with such tiny people knowing that there will at some stage be a devistating and heartbreaking loss, you do it with such compassion and professionalism it is a testament to the wonderful nurse you are.
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    This was so beautifully written and touched my heart in a way I can't describe. Thank you for the story and thank you for being the nurse you are.
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    Elvish, honey, you take my breath away.
    This story is heart tearing, so sad, yet you have to stand up and see how important you were in the midst of this family and their intense grief.

    Anyone in their position would be lucky to have you as their nurse,......even if this story of human hurt has me in tears as I type, it's soo sad.

    Keep being just you babe, you do it so well.......:heartbeat
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    Thank you so much for sharing, Elvish! Your story truly touched my heart, I have tears while reading it.
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    What a wonderfully moving, touching story and excellent learning experience you've been so kind to share with us. Thank you.
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    Beautiful story!
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    Very moving. I believe the fathers are often the forgotten ones - a well written reminder to us all. Thank you.
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