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pattylpn54 is a LPN and specializes in Psych/Substance Abuse & School Clinics.

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  1. I went to school for my LPN when I was 56 yrs old. Surprised myself by passing the boards(although I did bust my butt to EARN it!!). I wanted to go for RN, but am now 62 and just got over lung cancer treatments (which took my hair, my hearing(Hard ...
  2. Lung Cancer

    Had to share with someone... I HAD Lung Cancer. Just got home from oncologist & I am now CANCER-FREE!!!!!
  3. please i need your prayers

  4. I'm gonna scream...

    how about a 10th grader that didn't know his own home phone number because he "just moved here 3 months ago & i never call myself"!!!!!!!!!
  5. What OTC meds do you keep in your clinic?

    i am a clinic sub (lpn) and have worked in clinics full-time/full-year, so i've worked in all grade settings and we are not allowed to give any medications of any type (otc or other), unless brought in by a parent or guardian with a filled out & ...
  6. CEU Changes in Florida

    thanks for info. i called & was told it's 24 ceu's q 2 yrs -- 1 per month. the 25th is for newbies (like me!) only -- the 1 hiv/aids prior to 1st renewal. as part of the 24 q 2 yr... 2 must be on med errors & 2 on domestic violence q 3rd ren...
  7. Job Search Ideas for LPNs

    commuter and caliotter, thank you very much for taking the time to give me some greatly appreciated advice. i intend to take all the advice i receive and use it as it's given to me. i do understand what you mean commuter re:age. i wondered about t...
  8. Job Search Ideas for LPNs

    systole and zuzi, thank you so much for your helpful advice. i will take it and do as you've shared with me. i appreciate you very much. i was the oldest in my class (54 yrs) and the only one from my town. the rest were in their 20s & from ...
  9. School nurse??

    You might want to check out the "School Nurse" thread that's a little farther down the list from this one. I'm a school nurse. What would you like to know? What grade level are you working -- elementary, jr. high, or high school? Their needs are ...
  10. glad to join this site

  11. Thankful

  12. Fake Illness

    i'm totally on board with "luvschoolnursing". i too work at a high school. 9 out of 10 only come to the clinic to inform you that they're going home and parent is on the way. the clinic is just their waiting room -- you've been totally left out of...
  13. A little help from the school nurses??

    a school nurse does not do this job for the money. where i'm at, we make far less than in any facility--hosp or otherwise. you do it for the love of the job/children or you do it because you enjoy being broke!! we work when the kids are in school ...
  14. Pink Eye

    if you're being too lax, then so am i, because i do pretty much the same. if you sent home every kid a teacher sends to you or "thinks the student has...", there would be no child at school. my favorite saying/reply is, i don't go to your room &...
  15. When do you refer?

    Ours is the same as Poodles