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Psych/Substance Abuse & School Clinics
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pattylpn54 is a LPN and specializes in Psych/Substance Abuse & School Clinics.

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  1. I went to school for my LPN when I was 56 yrs old. Surprised myself by passing the boards(although I did bust my butt to EARN it!!). I wanted to go for RN, but am now 62 and just got over lung cancer treatments (which took my hair, my hearing(Hard of hearing now), and my long term memory. So I really don't think I could do it even if I still wanted to.
  2. pattylpn54

    Lung Cancer

    Had to share with someone... I HAD Lung Cancer. Just got home from oncologist & I am now CANCER-FREE!!!!!
  3. pattylpn54

    please i need your prayers

  4. pattylpn54

    I'm gonna scream...

    how about a 10th grader that didn't know his own home phone number because he "just moved here 3 months ago & i never call myself"!!!!!!!!!
  5. pattylpn54

    What OTC meds do you keep in your clinic?

    i am a clinic sub (lpn) and have worked in clinics full-time/full-year, so i've worked in all grade settings and we are not allowed to give any medications of any type (otc or other), unless brought in by a parent or guardian with a filled out & signed permission slip. preferrably bottle to be unopened. at end of school year all meds must be picked up by an adult or they are to be discarded --- meaning they can not be kept/carried over from year to year (no matter what grade the student is in or what the med is). each new school year a new medication release form (permission form) must be filled out for the new bottle of med to be dispensed. these are rules mandated by our county health dept. and local school board. any otc meds that parents don't come pick up or that call & tell you to just "throw them out", --- otc's, we will sometimes keep for staff/teacher use only; i.e. tylenol, motrin, pepto, etc. --- rather than the clinic purchase them. we don't ever use our small, meager budget on any otc's for anyone. even teachers/staff must supply their own if we don't have left-overs that we saved from prior year. we are a school clinic, not a free-clinic!!!
  6. pattylpn54

    CEU Changes in Florida

    thanks for info. i called & was told it's 24 ceu's q 2 yrs -- 1 per month. the 25th is for newbies (like me!) only -- the 1 hiv/aids prior to 1st renewal. as part of the 24 q 2 yr... 2 must be on med errors & 2 on domestic violence q 3rd renewal . all of this i was told by phone, 2 wks ago.
  7. pattylpn54

    Job Search Ideas for LPNs

    commuter and caliotter, thank you very much for taking the time to give me some greatly appreciated advice. i intend to take all the advice i receive and use it as it's given to me. i do understand what you mean commuter re:age. i wondered about that myself, but didn't know if i was being paranoid.thank you both for sharing your wisdom and experience with me.
  8. pattylpn54

    Job Search Ideas for LPNs

    systole and zuzi, thank you so much for your helpful advice. i will take it and do as you've shared with me. i appreciate you very much. i was the oldest in my class (54 yrs) and the only one from my town. the rest were in their 20s & from other areas, nowhere near where i live. i will call & gently inquire if they can tell me what i'm lacking (besides experience!). i do keep in touch w/one classmate, but it's more of a "grandmotherly" relationship. you both had great ideas & i am grateful for your sharing.
  9. pattylpn54

    School nurse??

    You might want to check out the "School Nurse" thread that's a little farther down the list from this one. I'm a school nurse. What would you like to know? What grade level are you working -- elementary, jr. high, or high school? Their needs are different based on the school level.
  10. pattylpn54

    glad to join this site

  11. pattylpn54


  12. pattylpn54

    Fake Illness

    i'm totally on board with "luvschoolnursing". i too work at a high school. 9 out of 10 only come to the clinic to inform you that they're going home and parent is on the way. the clinic is just their waiting room -- you've been totally left out of the loop. they've already texted or phoned from the bathroom, the parent & told them how sick they are & had them come to get them. meantime while they're waiting for their parental taxi, they socialize with every other student that enters the clinic while they're waiting! or the parent just shows up wanting to know where "mary" is, because she called & said she was so sick she needed to go home -- yet "mary" never once came to the clinic. so now we can try to hunt dying "mary" down(dressed out in pe!!) so she can be sent to the clinic, while mom fumes at us because she has to wait!!! :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire :madface: :bugeyes: i have on numerous occasions, notified the administration that the school truly could save on their budget by just eliminating the clinic all together, since that seems to be what most of the students are doing!!! nothing ever changes except the day!!!
  13. pattylpn54

    A little help from the school nurses??

    a school nurse does not do this job for the money. where i'm at, we make far less than in any facility--hosp or otherwise. you do it for the love of the job/children or you do it because you enjoy being broke!! we work when the kids are in school and on in-service days. i don't know what the teachers benefits are so i don't know if mine are the same as theirs. they are considered "instructional personnel" and we are considered "support personnel" by our school board, who does the school nurse hirings. our schools are always looking for nurses because a nurse will take the job thinking it is great hrs to be w/their own kids & family & is worth the pay cut. then half way thru the school yr they decide it's too much of a pay cut & they move on to better paying jobs.
  14. pattylpn54

    Pink Eye

    if you're being too lax, then so am i, because i do pretty much the same. if you sent home every kid a teacher sends to you or "thinks the student has...", there would be no child at school. my favorite saying/reply is, i don't go to your room & try to teach -- please don't try to tell me how to run my clinic. you're a teacher, i'm a nurse! and like you said, i remind them about frequent handwashing and let them know it's not a disease that can jump from one person to another with no contact(like they act!!).
  15. pattylpn54

    When do you refer?

    Ours is the same as Poodles
  16. pattylpn54

    Waiting in the clinic...

    i'm in the clinic of a 1300 student body high school(me & i aide). we have them stacked on top of each other! we work the clinic, do any and all early dismissals(sick or not) -- guess there's no attendance office!! we also seem to have the only telephone in the building, because everyone sends the students to use our 1 phone. they all wait in the clinic to be picked up -- sick & not sick. if we send them to the office to use the phone, the office sends them right back to us! my only saving grace is that i'm just subbing until dec. or there would be big changes. this is the way they've always done it(they're insane!). i finally e-mailed the principal this past week and told her it was impossible to take care of sick students while there were ones that were tying up our phone calling mom to bring lunch money, etc. & that the office refused to allow students to go there to make calls. she e-mailed me back & said to send non-sick students to the office to use their phone & she'd notify them of this. the 1st one we sent, they sent them back to us with a note to tell us to let them use our phone. i forwarded the e-mail i sent with the principal's reply to the office & guidance(they were just as bad) staff. haven't had them return any students since. i've been a clinic sub for the last 4 yrs and this is, by far, the worse clinic i've ever worked in. they let the entire school walk all over them. not this nurse!!! i told the aide, i don't get paid to be walked on & abused. they can go back to that when the regular nurse returns dec. 15th!!!!! :banghead: p.s. the secretary says she is a "germophobic" & i told here she should consult her physician!!

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