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  1. What Being a Nurse Has Taught Me

    Thank you, TimeToShine! I am so glad you enjoyed it :)
  2. are we human .. really ??

    Only in nursing do you get raked over the coals for "human mistakes", this I have learned. And, yes, I have cried over write ups too. We have feelings, therefore, we cry. Please try not to beat yourself up over it. Learn from it and move on. I hope ...
  3. Snow- at what point do you call out?

    Reading some of these comments made me feel as if I had to say something. I have worked as a nurse for 17 years. Not once, when I made it in from 45 minutes away from my home, in snow and ice, have I been thanked by management or patients for making ...
  4. Physical Assessments: Do Any Nurses Do Them

    As a med-surg nurse, I always did thorough head to toe assessments on my patients, and I have been a nurse a long time. That being said, I highly suspected that there were some nurses who did not. Why? Because it is impossible to assess your patients...
  5. Tell Me What It's Really Like

    I could really use some advice right now. After almost 17 years as a medical nurse, I have the opportunity to work much closer to home at a sexual offender's unit. As I understand it, these are men that have been convicted of sex offenses and have be...
  6. Will you work during a Pandemic?

    Considering the way most of us are treated when there is NOT a pandemic, why should I risk my life to go to work without PPE to protect me? I have a family that depends on me for an income, which I cannot earn if I am dead. AND the government ...
  7. Ativan for Everything?

    IMO, on our busy Med-Surg floor where almost half of the patients are Psych, drug overdoses or drug-seekers, Ativan is a God-send. I also think that Ativan should be available in spray bottles for family members that are getting out of line
  8. Biting my lip.

    Yep, I had a female patient the other day that was in her 30's. She was a nightmare. Anyway, as I walked out the door of her room, she said, "*****!. I wanted to clobber her, but instead I went to the computer to start writing my book/documentation o...
  9. ooh nooo !!

    Unfortunately, I have seen this happen a few times myself. It takes a lot to get that nurse fired, for some reason. When they do finally let her go, she just applies somewhere else and starts the same pattern. I have SEEN it happen!
  10. It really depends on the circumstances. If they are writing down VS, or other things they would like to remember, that is one thing. But when they are asking every person who walks in the room what their name and title is, it sort of creeps me out. E...
  11. Need Honest Opinion -- Would You Recommend Nursing?

    No, You would get paid for that, but after a while it gets old! On my days off, I write (I have always written short stories and articles-some have been published), maintain a blog, and mess with web design. I also take lots of nature photos and make...
  12. Need Honest Opinion -- Would You Recommend Nursing?

    If you were my friend, and being a nurse was not a life-long dream for you, I probably would not encourage you to go to nursing school. And this is why: Healthcare has become a money-driven field. Costs are cut where it matters most~the floor, ...
  13. Need Honest Opinion -- Would You Recommend Nursing?

    Not to be disrespectful, but most of us DO NOT make $50 an hour. Maybe if we did, the things we are put through would be worth it.
  14. phasing out of nursing

    i worked last night and have to go to sleep now, but it seems like somewhere i wrote something that would be a good response to this. when i have a brain again, i will find it and link to it here.
  15. Semi-rant: There is a "reason" why...

    I always try to be respectful of the ER nurses when they call report. it is not their fault that the ER doc decided to send me a train wreck at 6:30 am!!!