25K sign on bonus

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    i want to know if $25K-50K signing bonus still exist. please let me know.. thanks
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    holy crap! no way. unless you'll be regularly beaten on the job, 25k doesn't exist. where i am the sign on bonus is 5k (socal). it used to be 10k but they had to lower it because of this economy crap.
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    The Navy or Army will if you have a BSN and fulfill the rest of their requirements. Not sure if the military interests you. Just throwing it out there.
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    Outside of the military, I've never heard of such a thing (bonuses that high) in nursing.
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    *still* exist?
    try: NEVER existed
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    LOL.....I've never heard of such number.....
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    I read a want ad for RNs at a Cincinatti hosp offering 25k sign on bonus but that was several years ago.

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    Actually this did exist at one point, u guys don't do your research. My mom did receive a 25K bonus BUT it was located in a small town that no one wants to live in (mcAllen, Tx) and the cost was split for 3 yrs b/c u must work for them for that long. This was like 5 yrs ago though, probably doesn't exist anymore
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    no more sign on bonus exist. nurses can not find jobs forget about bonus now a days
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    This reminds me of an article I read recently that talked about internships for college students. These short-term jobs used to be unpaid positions. Now, not only do the students not earn a dime, in some cases they are being asked to pay for the privilege of participating. We're talking thousands of dollars.

    Let's hope that doesn't spread to the nursing world. I would hate to see employers making new grads bid for entry level jobs.