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  1. hopefulabby

    Factory worker one day ... nurse the next?

    I cleary stated of the ones that I have personally known who went on to become nurses are not the ones who *****
  2. Sounds like a great idea, but just a word of caution with such a public discussion of NS. Be careful with discussing, laughing about things that have happened with patients and faculty at school. I knew a girl who was dismissed from her program for making fun of a patient on her facebook page and another student printed it and showed it to the department.
  3. hopefulabby

    Factory worker one day ... nurse the next?

    I don't think the OP clarified whether she thinks that the "factory workers" would diminish her beloved proffession or if the image that the fly by night nursing programs projected would. Regardless your statement irritated me even more. Living in a rural area almost everyone I meet is an industrial worker. Let me rephrase that- an out of work industrial worker, and I have known many who have gone on to NS bc they want a job that would provide for their families. They are NOT the ones who bi**h about their jobs. Everytime you talk to them, they are THANKFUL for the hard work they put in and now are rewarded with a stable career. The nurses who bi**h are the ones who have never worked in any other proffession and had ideas of grandeur in their scrubs and hospital setting. The industrial workers who I have had the honor to know throughout life who have gone on to be nurses have nothing but good things to say about the proffession and have a work ethic that leaves most first career nurses in the dust.
  4. hopefulabby

    mom of 3 starting mid-quarter Feb.

    I'm finishing up my pre-reqs. Only taking 10 hrs of credit. I have a 3 and 1 yr. old. Scheduling child care is probaly the toughest problem about going back to school. My husband works nights and watches the kids when I have morning classes and my mom who works full time also takes tues and thurs off so she can watch them while I have evening classes on those days. Like you, we can not afford daycare even though I continue to work on the weekends while my husband has off to watch the kids. After this experience I truly know how much my family loves and supports me, and how much they are willing to sacrifice so I can reach my goals. The whole process has been humbling and rewarding.
  5. hopefulabby

    How much to pay for an RN degree?

    Is this for a BSN or ASN? How are the NCLEX pass rates for the school? I'm attending a public military college (I'm not in the corps, but it is a top rated disciplined university) and it will total about $15,000-20,000 for my ASN. What about finacial aid and the Pell Grant?
  6. hopefulabby

    Factory worker one day ... nurse the next?

    You should have stuck to your opinions of nursing programs and left the "anyone with a pulse" comments out of it.
  7. hopefulabby

    TEAS Score Question

    I would ask your adviser if your percentile rank is accurate. I scored 88.2 % and my program rank was 97. From other scores that I have seen on AllNurses your rank doesn't make sense.
  8. hopefulabby

    Preparing for TEAS test?

    I found it to be very similar to the test. Just give yourself time to complete the entire study manual and you should do fine on the TEAS. It is very basic common sense kind of questions.
  9. hopefulabby

    Preparing for TEAS test?

    I was required to take the TEAS. I ordered the TEAS study manual off of the ATI website. It was very similar to the actual test. It was $25 if I remember correctly. Good luck.
  10. hopefulabby

    When do I apply to nursing school?

    Check with your schools. Mine does not require you complete the pre-reqs before going to NS if you are applying for the ASN program. You can complete them while you are in NS. So it is all subjective to your school. Just check to see what the require you have completed before applying and before you would start NS then check to see when their application deadline is for the semester that you want to start. Again every school is different so you should check with admissions at every school.
  11. hopefulabby

    Just took the TEAS - trying to get into NGCSU

    Hi! I applied to NGCSU for 2010 as well. Just finished the TEAS last week. Scored 88.2%. A classmate that I talked to said that she scored 80% and her adviser told her not to worry about taking it again so I think you will be fine with your score (but check with your adviser just in case). From my understanding they just base admission on a point system. You get certain number of points for your GPA, TEAS score, pre-reqs you have completed. I haven't heard anything about an interview or essay. Good luck! We should be finding out who made it within the next few months!!!
  12. hopefulabby

    TEAS Score Question

    Congratulations on your score. I recently took the TEAS and scored 88.2%. My understanding from the sheet given to me explaining how it is scored is that your score is compared to a ATI (the company who gives the test) data pool of people who are entering the same kind of program as you. You are compared to a large number of people not just students from your school. That is why your rank will remain pretty constant. Did that make any sense? If not I can write what the sheet says word for word.
  13. hopefulabby

    pro life to work in ER OR OB

    The OP clearly stated that she had no problem working with any sort of people without taking part in their actions that she does not agree with. She said that she doesn't have a problem providing care for a woman who comes in post abortion with complications. I am pro-life and will work everyday to bring the best possible care to ALL my patients. I can care for a child abuser without abusing the child myself; I can care for an drug abuser without helping him roll a joint; I can care for a woman who had an abortion without participating in the abortion. I'm not religious so throwing all the God stuff in my face doesn't work with me. I will not take a viable life and I will be a damn good nurse.
  14. I have a 2 almost 3 year old and a baby turning 1 tomorrow:redpinkhe. I am currently taking 8 hours of credit which equals to three classes. A 4 hour A&P I, Gov., and 1 hour foundations of leadership ( dumb class that is required for everybody to take by my school). I try to balance one hard class with two or three easier classes. It all depends on your strong and weak areas. I had never taken a college level science course so I tried to not overload myself this semester. Now that I know I can handle and do well at it I will be going for four classes next semester. Good luck! Remember to get your sleep and take of yourself and whenever you have those extra little moments with your kids make the most of them even if your tired or stressed. Good luck!!!!
  15. hopefulabby

    Our hospital is going SMOKE FREE!

    The major hospital in my North Ga area just recently won a lawsuit over a patient who sued because she fell down an unlit stairwell outside while smoking. The hospital's attorney argued that she was in violation of the hospitals policy of smoking on the premises and the jury agreed. The lady broke her ankle and wasn't awarded anything beyond the hospital bill for the ankle which the hospital viewed as a win because she was asking for upwards of 200k if I remember correctly.