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  1. aminv

    Advice needed on which job to take...

    i would take the job at surgery center because i have baby that will be 2 years old soon. so having weekend off and better hours works in future for family.
  2. aminv

    MDS course and certification

    hi i am working as Registered Nurse since last two years. i was interested in getting job as MDS corrdinator in IL now. does any one know any schools that offer that certification in IL? or any website that i can take classes online?
  3. aminv

    job opening up to 50 miles near west chicago

    i am planning to move to west chicago, 60185 so 50 miles around that area. i did google search nursing home around this area and call around 15 places. most of them said they are not hiring this time. i have LTC experience for 2.5 years from NJ. i want to move to IL now. please sugesst more places if you know, so i can go apply in person For RN job.
  4. aminv

    job opening up to 50 miles near west chicago

    Looking for RN JOb. thank you for your reply. please let me know more places if you know. i was applying online before, but i guess now i will go in person. thank you
  5. aminv

    new grad depressed and feeling burnt out already

    Keep your job. Go back to school after working 1 or 2 years
  6. Hi Can any one tell me about job openings in IL state in nursing home, hospital or public health area near west chicago around upto 50 miles. any help will be fine.
  7. aminv

    nurses with disabilities

    contact the health departmen in the city. they might have public health nurse opening. i lost my hearing on my both ears and i am hard of hearing now. so i started working as TB case manager. and working out well for me. so public health nurse is a option
  8. aminv

    lookinig for free ceu credits

    hi thanks for all the website. i can use them also
  9. hi i was thinking of doing medical billing and coding certi on side besides being register nurse because i have four month old baby. i heard they can work from home. does any one have idea how much certi cost and do they get job right away or how they can get job working from home? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany input will be great.
  10. aminv

    Depression because of hearing loss

    i am so glad to hear from you inspired by silence. i am doing better than before, but i am so happy that i have someone to talk with. people like you make me stronger and encourage me to keep moving forward. but if i feel down sometime about my issue i will message you.
  11. aminv

    Prayers PLEASE!!

    relax you will get there and since you are new, fist year of nursing will be very tough. don't think what your preceptor think just ask for help when you need it, it is not your problem if they dont like it. i rather ask for help and not make any mistake than be sorry later. you will be definately fine. ER is very fast pace and lot of learn. Take one day at a time.
  12. aminv

    Depression because of hearing loss

    hi guys may be post partum depression could be mix with the hearing loss situation. i am feeling better than before, but there are days i feel so down and can not stop crying. i want to reach so high in my career and want to earn decent income, but hearig loss is stoping me to apply in the hospital, but i just accepted job at county clinic hope i dont have to use phone much there and i do well at my work that will help me healing a bit. i came to states at the age of 17 from india and work so hard to learn english got my first Associate degree in comptuer info than i got my bachelor in Mangement info sytesm and i could not find decent job where i use to live in small town of PA than i went for bachelor in nursing because i alway want to go in health field but had language issue when i came here. so all i did is hard work got three degress and worked only one year with decent income and lost my hearing all the sudden it is so hard to accept. i feel like god what did i do wrong to deserve this? but i guess things could be worse than this. i think it will take me long long long time to get over this or may be not, but i heard god and time heals everything so hope that is the case with me. But i want to Thank you guys for replying my thread.
  13. hi guys. my right ear was operated in 1999 because my earbones fell off,but i guess surgerey did not went well, i could not hear on the phone properly, but left ear was good. now all the sudden during pregnancy i lost hearing on left ear also i dont know but i am blaming my pregnancy for this. some times i get upset with my 4 month old son that he came to this world and i lost my hearing. i am so selfish i know. but i now have severe loss on right ear and moderate loss on left ear i have to wear bi-lateral hearing aid and i dont like it. i am so depressed because sometimes on the phone at work i can not hear my doc is giving me diffrent program so i can hear better on phone better but so far it is not working. although i got a job with county health department i heard most of the phone calls are handled by clerk. i am starting on oct 5th. i am 32 and i think how long this hearing will last i am having all the negative thought. i should think positive stuff like god gave me beautiful baby boy who is healthy and husband very supportive. but i always think about my ears. sometimes i feel like selfish person or bad mother. sometimes i feel like why god did this to me at younge age. i think this hearing will affect my nursing career also. sorry i just need to let it out. why me god????????????????????????????????????????
  14. you got the job
  15. aminv

    I can't take it anymore

    i will pray for you and also as everybody said first year will be tough but after that you will learn to manage things differently. Also one positive point is lot of new grads are having such terrible time to get a job and you are lucky to find something as a new grad. Although it is tough, but i am sure you will survive
  16. aminv

    ANYBody work for county health department

    Thank you guys so much.i am excited about the job