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Today, there is an article posted on how 22,000 nurses are taking a stand against mandatory vaccination. These nurses are willing to lose their jobs to stand up for their Pro-choice rights. I have... Read More

  1. by   JKL33
    Quote from Glycerine82
    These nurses do have a choice. Get vaccinated or don't work with patients. It's really not complicated and IMHO any nurse should be able to read evidence based peer reviewed research explaining why vaccinating is so important.

    Science shows us that vaccines work, I don't get what the problem is aside from true allergies.

    I'm glad that facilities are implementing this policy. It will protect more patients and maybe it will weed out some of the weak links.

    I expect this kind of argument from laypeople, I deal with it all the time when someone asks me my "professional opinion" but I don't expect it from nurses. Argh.
    CDC: 216-217 Flu Vaccine Nearly 5 Percent Effective

    Disclosure: I've never had the flu, with or without the vaccine. Or should I say, I've never been sick enough with flu-like sx to be diagnosed with influenza.
  2. by   mystcnurse
    It is actually "nearly 50 percent effective", which is a coin flip.
  3. by   JKL33
    Yeah, I saw that too. I didn't make the hotlink and didn't try to change it for fear of breaking it.

    I did not read through this whole thread but some of the posts I did read seemed pretty upset that any nurse who is supposed to be "evidenced based" would ever have a problem with mandatory flu shots. Just figured we should look at a couple of numbers from our CDC. I personally wouldn't encourage anyone to skip a flu shot, nurse or not. But, I'm a little short on the evidence I would require to believe that those with qualms about it should be out of work.
  4. by   NurseYannie
    I agree it is a coin flip it can eathier be a benefit or detriment. As a nurse I will still respect other nurses and treat all nurses the same. I will not treat them differently based on their personal preferences. Why would a doctor of 30years into his practice and also a scientist that studies vaccinations warn people from getting them. He must know more than what the CDC is letting people know. There are always 2 sides to a story for a reason. This vaccination could go good or bad some people get the bad part of it and some people end up okay . And others that have never had the flu or the vaccination end up fine without it. Everyone immunity and how they respond to vaccinations are different . I am a RN and I signed a declination waiver because I am against the shot period. I've been just fine and I keep my immune system very strong and where I work in New Jersey a lot of facilities don't require the vaccination and I am at a urgent care center making 36$ an hour. We have rights to refuse getting injected with something that we don't feel comfortable with.
  5. by   NurseYannie
    Go to YouTube and see how many adults and children were affected by the vaccination, there are thousands of videos. There is mercury in the vaccine and everyone's body's reacts differently to mercury. YouTube will tell you everything you need to know because it's coming from real doctors and real people who have lost family members or suffered paralysis or brain damage. Do more research people. There a new strains of the virus every year so that means there was no safety testing on the vaccine ever done. Vaccines are supposed to have a long term safety testing of years and years before its released to the public. The strains for the flu change every year then no safety testing was ever done.
  6. by   NurseYannie
    Everyone needs to wake up and stop following what the world tells you is safe and just because everyone is getting the flu vaccine doesn't mean you follow after them. The flu vaccine isn't to help us it's killing children and adults, it's also causing autism in alot of children who were doing fine before they received the vaccine. People stop saying the vaccine is safe it's not safe ,look at the ingredients inside the vaccine aluminum and Mercury once that gets in your blood stream you don't know how it will affect you. The flu vaccine is all about the doctors getting bonuses for every patient they get to do the shot and also the hospital funding will be cut if they don't push the shot on people. Wake up people the flu vaccine isn't even 100% effective there are new strains every year . They are injecting people with poison and I'm pretty sure 22,000 nurses aren't just refusing the vaccine for no reason they are smart and they have there own minds because they know what's best for them and there bodies and isn't gonna allow worldly things and people to force them to do something that they know isn't safe. No one has the right to discriminate and tell someone that they don't deserve to be a nurse because they refused the vaccine , it's there choice. I know many of people who have never gotten influenza and are fine. It's all being forced to make money the government doesn't care about us people wake up. I know alot of pro vaccine doctors as well so for a doctor to be against it he must know that something isn't right about that vaccine. Stop letting the world and what people say make u follow the crowd, be different and stand for what you believe in. The nurses who refused the vaccine I'm proud of them for not listening to everybody they are thinking for themselves. They still get to keep there jobs and work at the hospitals, what if someone is allergic to egg or have a guillan Barre syndrome history in the family I guess they shouldn't become what they love as a nurse. All my nurses who are open minded and do research I'm proud of you all for at least researching instead of just running to inject yourself with something that you really don't know how your body will react too just because the CDC says it's safe doesn't mean it is they are the biggest liars and crooks .
  7. by   Wuzzie
    Quote from NurseYannie
    The flu vaccine isn't to help us it's killing children and adults, it's also causing autism in alot of children who were doing fine before they received the vaccine. People stop saying the vaccine is safe it's not safe ,look at the ingredients inside the vaccine aluminum and Mercury once that gets in your blood stream you don't know how it will affect you.
    You might have a better chance at an intelligent discussion if you would refrain from the histrionics and myth telling. The flu vaccine isn't killing anybody but the flu is. Over 90,000 children so far this season. And you're confusing childhood vaccinations with the flu shot which, as I recall, has never been thought to cause autism. And there is no mercury in the serum. There is Thimerisol in the multi-use vial only not the single-dose syringes. You do know that apples have mercury in them?
    Furthermore the amount of aluminum is less than what you get in a glass of water. And I can assure you that the ID doctor I work with is not getting kick-backs from big pharma otherwise he wouldn't be driving a Honda.

    I may not agree with people who don't get the flu shot but I respect their EDUCATED beliefs. Wackadoo information is only hurting your cause.
  8. by   caliotter3
    When my home care patient was diagnosed with flu I was glad I had been vaccinated, but only because I did not care to be blamed for the patient's illness. I still became good and sick within one week of being reintroduced to the patient. I didn't even bring up the subject of vaccination to the family because they were adamant about not vaccinating their child.
  9. by   NurseYannie
    Doctors do get kick backs from pushing patients to get the vaccine because as I stated they get a bonus , and him driving a Honda has nothing to do with it maybe it's just his preference everyone who has money doesn't have to run out and buy a fancy car. Also as I stated it is killing children if you would watch the news and the parents who are on YouTube crying and who have started a pro vaccine foundation because alot of there children were fine and normal kids before they received the vaccine now they are eathier dead because of the effect the aluminum in there blood stream caused or they are now autistic and there children didn't have the flu prior to getting the vaccine they were completely healthy. You can believe what you want to believe your just brain washed like the rest of the world and follow after what your being told . I stand with those 22,000 nurses that are against the vaccine. They know the flu vaccine mandate is ******** because they know what's in it. Use your little brain and think why would so many nurses refuse the vaccine for no reason just for the hell of it NO there is something seriously wrong with that vaccine. What benefit do the nurses have for rebelling against a vaccine? You listen to what the government and cdc say is safe they don't care about us at all it's all about money . There are a handful of retired doctors that are saying the flu vaccine is dangerous and it's all a money making scheme and what's inside the vaccine is deadly. And as a nurse you should know that just because you get a vaccine and your fine doesn't mean a few years down the line it won't have a long term affect. The vaccine isn't even 100% effective for crying out loud so it can't even protect you all the way. It's ******** also they haven't even had enough time to do long term testing on the vaccine . Any vaccine before it is released to the public is supposed to have a 6 to 10 year period of testing and they haven't tested influenza before it was released because if they did there wouldn't be a freaking new vaccine for a new strain every year. You believe what you want I know nurse practitioners with several degrees and they are against the vaccine as well. Alot of nurses are against it . Also look on YouTube of all the children who died from the freaking vaccine and now there parents are crying. I didn't say that the flu isn't killing children I'm saying that the vaccine is not protecting these children it's doing more damage then good. If you want to continue to believe what the media is telling you about how great the flu vaccine is then you continue to be closed minded and do that you will eventually wake up one day and see what's really going on. We are being liked to about alot. I'm done explaining there is no need to keep a conversation going with someone who is closed minded and doesn't do research and look into things , you can't see what's really going on behind the scenes because you are of this world. God bless
  10. by   NurseYannie
    Also if you would do you research you would find all the information you need to largest nurses union in the world is standing by the nurses who refuse the vaccine and for your record the pharma companies and doctors get a kick back from every vaccine they push people to get and hospitals will lose funding if they don't keep 85% of there employees vaccinated. You have to read more . Now why wouldthe largest nurse union in the world like about that? I guess it's not just a myth after all it's stating real facts from real organizations that have been around for decades so it's official your just in denial.
  11. by   Wuzzie
    Okaaaaayyyy. Backing slowly out of the room.
  12. by   NurseYannie
  13. by   kcochrane
    Quote from NurseYannie
    it's also causing autism in alot of children who were doing fine before they received the vaccine. .
    Really you need to get your facts straight. You as a nurse should be up on the research including knowing that Autism was blamed on the MMR vaccine, not the flu vaccine. It has since been proven that that study was flawed and the MD lied about his research. I have been around long enough to see the damage that diseases do that we now have vaccines for. You now live in a world that doesn't worry about those diseases so it is easy to speak against them. If you would like to have an educated discussion, by all means. Please show facts stating the flu vaccine is killing out children...and facts on that other statements you have made.