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rac1 has 4 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in L&D, Trauma, Ortho, Med/Surg.

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  1. rac1

    CNM with no L&D experience

    You got great advice (especially from @Ohm108) - just wanted to chime in with one little thing: Think of all the OB/GYNs that started out as OB's without L&D experience. Not that we want to be like OBs. My point is - being a labor and...
  2. rac1

    The road to CNM

    Hey - just wanted to reply and say that Frontier is online, and you complete your clinicals wherever you choose. There are some in person requirements for Frontier (I believe all online CNM programs have this requirement) for skills checkoffs etc.
  3. rac1

    Taking ADHD meds

    I don't understand this. You will give all sorts of controlled medications throughout your career. I've never thought that since I take Tylenol or Flexeril at home I need to disclose that to my place of work. Just because someone has a prescription f...
  4. rac1

    The road to CNM

    This is crazy to hear. I have to ask how your interviews went..? Nursing interviews can be daunting, to say the least. Do you need work on your interviewing skills for nursing questions? Did you get interviews or just apply and not get called? Do you...
  5. rac1

    Advice needed for Military Spouse

    Hi! I'll chat with you of course! Can you send me a direct message on here?
  6. rac1

    L&D - How long to get used to c-sections?

    There can be more or less force.... I would say for most it isn't all that forceful. But every so often that baby is tucked deep into some narrow hips. And I would say that if you watched some online sections it's preeettty much the same as what you'...
  7. rac1

    5 couplets on mother/baby unit

    Thanks for being an awesome nurse leader. We need MORE.
  8. rac1

    MD saying I didn’t do something

    I totally agree with you here. Like I mentioned before - we all make mistakes. They have a lot of patients and could have something confused. As long as it was all documented I personally wouldn't be worried. However, I do care about my relationship ...
  9. I think that you should stick it out. I think there is a combination of things happening. First, you are learning a new job that is really completely different than what you were doing before and that is SO HARD to do when you know your previous job ...
  10. rac1

    5 couplets on mother/baby unit

    LOL. If only AWHONN managed all the hospitals, paid the nurses, and created the policies.
  11. rac1

    L&D - How long to get used to c-sections?

    Does the idea of circulating the surgery already bother you? I never thought that it would bother me when I was in school, and it did not, and still does not. I actually have an issue with looking at surgical and trauma photos online, but I am 100% f...
  12. rac1

    MD saying I didn’t do something

    Did you chart that you notified the provider each time you did notify? Did the MD notify you and complain or just write a note? If there is only a note I would call the MD and ask for clarification. I would assume it is a mistake on the MDs part befo...
  13. rac1

    Shady Grove Medical Center

    Experience/opinion for working as RN at this hospital or for Adventist HealthCare? I would love to hear!! ???
  14. rac1

    5 couplets on mother/baby unit

    Two inductions at the same time is not rare for us! I wish it were. =(
  15. rac1

    L&D - is it a good place to start?

    I'm in L&D, and sometimes when our NICU is busy and labor is slow we go help in the NICU...basic stuff. I love it! Labor nurses hardly ever get to look at/hold the new babies. So it's a special treat to get to rove over there and help where they ...