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rac1 has 2 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in L&D, Trauma, Ortho, Med/Surg.

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  1. I think that you should stick it out. I think there is a combination of things happening. First, you are learning a new job that is really completely different than what you were doing before and that is SO HARD to do when you know your previous job really well. So much routine, and normal in that - and now you have to work to think about everything you're doing because it is all new. Luckily, you have time management, charting and assessment skills already. The newborn assessment will come as you work, and the worry will go away somewhat (but those babe's can be stinkers! I never trust them!). I think that you are going to be a L&D nurse. You need the BUSY. It sounds like you need the constant change, and there is constant change in L&D. Even on "slow" days - they are just welcome because they are so few and far between! I think that you should do your year in postpartum and then try to transfer to L&D. I think you will be great. Work hard to focus on educating those moms/families. Get your lactation counselor certificate if you can. Busy your mind by focusing on educating your patient's and going above and beyond for each one. There is always something to educate on. And then go to L&D when you can. It really does sound more your speed. I say this as a former trauma floor nurse. I went to L&D and did my training, and then my second shift on the floor out of precepting, they floated me to postpartum. Gave me 5 patients (which is really 10 right!) and I was like oh ohhhh, this is going to be awful. But it was the easiest day I had had in weeks. It made me comprehend how much I really love L&D, and the crazy busy that it is. It is constantly something new. Find something you love about postpartum - like educating your patients, or learning more about breastfeeding so you can help your pt population....and learn it like a pro....put yourself into it so you can come out the other side - and then try L&D out! 😃
  2. rac1

    MD saying I didn’t do something

    Did you chart that you notified the provider each time you did notify? Did the MD notify you and complain or just write a note? If there is only a note I would call the MD and ask for clarification. I would assume it is a mistake on the MDs part before believing that s/he was throwing me under the bus about it because well 1 - I'm a positive person like that, 2 - because I know I took the correct nursing actions and 3 - because people make mistakes and this doc could have been looking at another chart or thinking it was a different patient and thought s/he was not notified. So I would talk to the doc and ask for clarification. Tell him/her that you saw the note and wanted to see if they had made a mistake. Remind them that of what happened, what you did, and that it is charted, etc. I have been sitting next to providers where they are charting a note and looking at another fetal heart strip when I hear them say "Oh that is not the right patient!" They have LOTS of patient's. I have charted on the wrong patient before too. Clarify first. 😃
  3. rac1

    5 couplets on mother/baby unit

    Two inductions at the same time is not rare for us! I wish it were. =(
  4. rac1

    L&D - is it a good place to start?

    I'm in L&D, and sometimes when our NICU is busy and labor is slow we go help in the NICU...basic stuff. I love it! Labor nurses hardly ever get to look at/hold the new babies. So it's a special treat to get to rove over there and help where they need it (checking blood sugars, feeding, holding, changing, helping however!) We had a seasoned labor nurse with 15 years experience switch to NICU recently. Very easy in once you're there because people know you, and a lateral movement like that is often what managers like. They know you, and your current job performance, so it can be simple. I think that also depends on the hospital and units of course. But we had another nurse start in PP, move to NICU and then to L&D. It's def a possibility! GL!
  5. rac1

    any tips for Post-partum?

    I think the most important thing surrounding moms/babe/family is to educate, educate, educate. Explain when, how, what, where, and why every single time you walk in the room. Some couples/moms are more interested in learning and information than others, but I have found that explaining everything I do, and why, as well as educating them on whatever they are doing and why is KEY to patient satisfaction. Your patient's will be so happy with the care you give them and will feel and BE a more confident parent.
  6. rac1

    5 couplets on mother/baby unit

    I'd like to give my opinion on this topic. My background is that I have a year of experience in a very busy trauma stepdown unit with overflow of med/surg (throw in lots of psych and an underserved population to boot). On a good day you have 4 patients, on a good night you have 5. On a bad day you have 5 patients and on a bad night have 6. Trend 4-6 patients and you're good. It is a difficult floor - from the trauma/wound care to adding in psych and comorbidities - just a busy, difficult patient population. That is what I stepped into out of school. I think the difficulty of the unit coupled with the amazing team environment helped me to become amazing at time management. When I was brand new I had several seasoned nursing from other units say to me "If you can work here, you can go literally anywhere." Difficult unit. That being said, my dream was always L&D. So fast forward to a year later, I landed my dream job on L&D. We actually float to PP when we are needed there and slow in L&D. And yes, we can take up to 5 couplets there as well. Which is actually 10 patients, right? I was a little shocked at first, but my training on my trauma floor taught me such great time management that transitioning to 5 couplets was a breeze. In fact, 2 laboring patients is sometimes WAY more than 5 patient's (something I never would have believed before I had that experience myself!). However, without my previous experience I would have to say that the initial learning of how to care for 5 couplets would probably be quite overwhelming. The learning of assessments, charting and time management is a lot on 10 patients. Coming into that already knowing assessment, how to chart and how to manage time takes a load off. Where I work, they really try to staff you so that you have 4 couplets or less. So, I know that one poster said that 5 couplets is unsafe, but I would disagree. I think it does matter what experience the nurse has and I also think that what kind of environment (co-workers and leadership) you're walking into matters as well. Being able to ask for help and get advice when you need it goes a long way. Having a tech for every nurse?? That is seriously golden. Especially if they can do things like blood sugars on babe's and 24 hour tests, etc. I wouldn't shy from the job - but again, my experience definitely colors the glasses differently for me. 😃 GL!
  7. Moving to Virginia and have talked to quite a few recruiters and am a little shocked at the pay cut I am realizing is going to happen. I have just two years of experience, but even with that I am finding the rates significantly lower than what I am currently making. Nursing is rough work as it is, and we hardly get paid what we should....but the Virginia area is more expensive than where I am coming from and I am a little shocked at the pay difference. Anyone care to suggest hospital systems that pay a little more?? TIA
  8. rac1

    A lost nursing student...

    Well, I guess I have a little bit of a different take on this, so here's my thoughts, since ya asked. 😉 I think that if YOU think you will be giving them "less than" because of your career - then that is exactly what you're doing. If what you and your partner want for them is memories and traditions of family being together on holidays/birthdays - and you know that you'll be limited by your career choice - then yes, technically, you're giving them "less than." Do I think it's "less than?" Nope, I don't. But it's not my family - it's yours, and we all decide how to shape and raise our own. This is not really a question for the crowd to answer - this is for you and yours to answer. What do you want for your children? Do you think you'll "ruin" their childhood - or just idea of what you want for their childhood? You and your partner need to come to terms with what you want for yourselves and your family life. There was a time in my life where I definitely could say that I was not ready for a career and my children came first. Me being at work and school killed me, and I wanted to be with my children more than I wanted to be in school and at work. So guess what I did? I quit both. Took classes online here and there, and then when eventually I was done having kids and my youngest was school aged I finished school. I was ready. It was what I wanted for my family. I wanted to raise the babies up. It killed me to have them "babysat" all day (and it was family caring for them even). Now, I would never say someone else that continued school and work and put their kids in daycare "ruined" their kids' childhood. Not at all. It's just a personal choice. I was a better mom staying home with them when they were all little. Now that they are all older, I believe I am a better mom to them having my own career. I felt happier to be with them 100% when they were little - and I feel happier and more centered as a person, and mother now that they are older WITH a career. Just dig deep - figure out what is important and just do it. 😉
  9. rac1

    Bethel CNM

    Anyone care to talk about Bethel's CNM program? I have done quite a few searches and do not see any reviews at this point. Thanks in advance.
  10. rac1

    Honor Health Interview

    There are situational assessments - you watch a video and then are given four choices, you must choose which is the best next action and which is the worst. There are behavioral assessments, where you're asked personality sort of questions. And there is a clinical portion - a med/surg and a pharm section - both of which are timed separately. I thought they were both very difficult, but I scored 97% on the med/surg and 93% on the pharm. Thought I was failing the entire time. I didn't study much beforehand, but I did look over labs real quick. They also have a little study guide just prior to the start of each exam, I did look that over and sort of made sure I knew some random things on their (TPN line change info for example). GL!
  11. rac1

    New NCLEX

    Ahh, I deleted my response because I thought the entire thread was super old, but now I see you are currently asking still - I should not have deleted! The current NCLEX plan, exam and passing standard is good through March 21, 2019. So it should not change before then. GL!
  12. rac1

    New NCLEX

    Ooops! Deleted b/c was old thread.
  13. rac1

    Maricopa CEP & GPA

    I didn't do your math, so I don't know if it is right, but the answer to your question is yes, GPA is calculated based on how many credit hours AND grade. They also only calculate credits being transferred in, not classes failed or ones not being counted toward the degree. Hope that helps.
  14. rac1

    Banner New Grad Experience

    WHat unit at BUMC?
  15. rac1

    Maricopa ADN waitlist

    BTW, I did CEP out of pocket - I did not work, but my husband does, and we were able to pay cash. We have an established income and all, but it can be done! Apply for scholarships!
  16. rac1

    Maricopa ADN waitlist

    I know you said you're doing the ADN program because of money reasons. I don't know if I can change your mind, but I wanted to say that there are SO many scholarships available. I did NAU, and had no idea of the amount of scholarship available. NAU gave me (and most classmates) $10,000 our first year just for applying early. Maricopa scholarships go each semester with scholarships not given out. I highly recommend applying. (Scholarship Management System | AcademicWorks and/or Scholarship Management System | AcademicWorks are the scholarship pages). You fill out a main form and then it can automatically select you for some, and you can apply to others. I received several scholarships through maricopa and NAU. One very large one. Even if you don't do CEP (which I recommend, but of course understand your reasoning!) apply through maricopa! It is worth the time you put in - save your paragraphs, and keep them relatively short - you can save them in a word doc and rephrase/reuse them for new scholarship apps.