Where Is The Worst place to work in Florida?

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    Hello All Florida Nurses & Travelers

    I want everyone to be Upfront & Honest With this One! Where is the Absolute WORST PLACE to work as an RN, Or as a Nurse in General In any part of Florida? I want to know of any places that I should avoid, such as Backbreaking work, Low Pay, Poor Staffing, anything considered Negative or Unsuitable. Also, High Liability too. I would much rather hear it straight from the horses mouth instead of finding out the hard way! All Honest Opinions & Personal Experiences will be Greatly Appreciated! If anyone wants to know about California, just ask. Please Respond. Thanks
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    I've worked in Calif. LA County and Los Robles in Thousand Oaks. Trust me, why is there a need to work in Fl.? This State is becoming Unionized quickly without a mandate which is biting these staff thinking all is well. To make it worse, Unions like the SEIU are lying to these guys and gals that it will equate to what Cali has and that's not possible until the mandate comes in.

    As for Fl. it is being run the same from the South to the North. Census drops, staff are sent home, Travelers are guaranteed their hours and the first to leave are any per diems followed by part timers and then full timers.

    There are no transporters like in the past and many hospitals require the Nurses to draw their own bloods because they let go the Phlebotomists in some places. No lift teams, lots of hard work and you see your buddies with aching backs and many are out because they're hurt.

    I have worked in Fl. for 28 years and can not even remotely push you in any area to consider. Your worst Calif. hospital with the exception of County is still better than Fl. The pay is starting to rise some but the cost of living and housing has risen almost as high as Cali with the wages not up to par.

    Fl Nurses have no conception what a lift team, Nurses Aides are and a mandatory ratio is all about. If you miss your break, too bad. No one is all bent out of shape and there are no Relief Nurses which again is unheard of in this State!
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    No situation is perfect. However, not all hospitals in Florida are like that. Baptist in Miami is considered one of the best places to work for in America.
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    Hands down, any HCA facility. Stick to Baycare. Their facilities are usually considered magnet status in the top 100 places to work. HCA is just getting worse by the minute.
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    Quote from NURSJADED
    Hands down, any HCA facility. Stick to Baycare. Their facilities are usually considered magnet status in the top 100 places to work. HCA is just getting worse by the minute.
    I've heard the same thing from enough people (I've never worked for HCA personally), that I think this is fairly decent advice.
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    For-profit facilities generally rank poorly, especially in Florida.

    I, personally, would stay clear of the Palm Beach area, especially the private facilities. Huge amounts of rich, badly tempered, poorly behaved, "entitled" retiree transplants and the hospitals that want to kiss their ......hands. MDs that cannot write a legible complete order to save their lives and don't answer calls. I may never return here - the experience was literally the worst in over 15 facilities.
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    From personal experience Orlando gets my vote.
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    Gadsden County, Florida.

    The worst H*** HOLE I have ever worked in, in all my years of nursing. The experience made me give up hospital nursing forever!
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    I too work for Baptist Health...several Magnet hospitals in the system, BTW. All the travelers I run into LOVE being here.. they love the system and they love South Florida. Guess i's a great place to be if it's February and you are single, young and from East Cupcake.
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    try Baptist in northeast Florida..wins by me, hands down...

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