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  1. What Is The Best Area Of HOUSTON To Live In?

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer my questions. It is Greatly Appreciated. If you can think of any other sources of information, Please let me know. I want to know the GOOD, the BAD, & the UGLY aspects. Lol! This will prevent me...
  2. What Is The Best Area Of HOUSTON To Live In?

    Hello there Texas RNS I am an RN who resides in San Diego, California. I have been here over 23 Years, & Frankly I am getting bored & tired of it. I cannot Afford to buy the kind of house that I want out here, the Economy is Very Bad, Taxes...
  3. Austin, Dallas & Houston: Which City is Best for RNS?

    Thanks for the response. It is Greatly appreciated. I plan on trying to spend some time in Houston as a traveler, to see if I want to relocate there. Thanks for the info.
  4. Hello RNs. I am going to try for a Travel Position, when I complete my BSN next year. Which of these cities in Texas has the most opportunities in Texas for RNS, & which one uses Travel Nurses the most? Any information will be Greatly Apprecia...
  5. University of Houston: Has anyone attended?

    Thanks for all the info. Greatly Appreciated. Happy 4th of July.
  6. Hello Nurses, Has anyone out there ever attended The University of Houston? I am wondering what the cost is, location, and if they have a good Masters Degree Program for RNs. I am considering moving to Houston in about 2-3 years. All replies are w...
  7. Psych Hospitals In Dallas or Houston, Texas

    Hello Nurses Has anyone out there ever worked at any Psych Hospitals in The Dallas or Houston area of Texas? I am interested in people who have worked either as a Traveler, Per-Diem or Regular Staff. I am interested in relocating to either Houston ...
  8. I am a Registered Nurse in San Diego. I have been in Psych Nursing for about 18 years. I work at a Major Acute Care Psychiatric Hospital in San Diego. I àm currently enrolled in a BSN Program, & I plan on taking the Psychiatric Certification E...
  9. Texas or florida? Ready to leave california

    Hello there, fellow RNs. I am a 50 Y/O RN who has lived & worked in San Diego for 22 years. I went from a CNA, LVN, RN & now I am pursuing my BSN, which I will complete next Summer. Believe me, all this has been a long, struggle. Jobs her...
  10. PASSED NCLEX In San Diego 8/13/08

    Hello Charles 805, Superkyx, Jo877, & Sophisticated 49:wink2: Many thanks to all of your Words of Encouragement & Response. I really Appreciated it. I tested at The Pearson Vue Center here in San Diego on Chesapeake Avenue, which is right dow...
  11. PASSED NCLEX In San Diego 8/13/08

    Hello:yeah: You would go to the CA Board of nursing website, Type in your last name, & see if it comes up. I took exam on Wednesday, 8/13/08, & finished around 5:15 PM. That day probaly would not count. My name was on the website this morn...
  12. PASSED NCLEX In San Diego 8/13/08

    Hi Supersky:nurse: I Hope that you passed too!:loveya: If your file is complete with a SSN#, then your name should should be posted on Tuesday, 8/19, or Wednesday, 8/20, as they don't update the records on the weekend. Good Luck:redpinkhe
  13. When to schedule exam

    Hello! Don't wait too Long. That is the mistake i made before. I took THE Exam Exactly 50 days after the last time I Failed. Don't Test Until You are Absolutely ready, However; Don't wait until You Have forgotten everything you have learned. Do i...
  14. Need input please!!!!

    Hello:bow: This Exam Is Very Unpredictable. I took it on 6/23/08, went to 265, with only 2 minutes left to spare. It took me the Entire 6 Hours. I answered the last question Correct, but still Failed. I was Totally devastated. It's Hard to say w...
  15. PASSED NCLEX In San Diego 8/13/08

    :yeah:Hello Everyone!!! I Have good News to Report this time. I PASSED the NClex Exam. I took it on Wednesday, 8/13/08, here in San Diego. My name was posted this morning on the website. My issue date is 8/15/08. So yes, It really does only take...