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Has anyone out there ever worked at any Psych Hospitals in The Dallas or Houston area of Texas? I am interested in people who have worked either as a Traveler, Per-Diem or Regular Staff. I am interested in relocating to either Houston or Dallas in the future. I would Greatly Appreciate info regarding working conditions in any Psych Facility in the Dallas or Houston. Please let me know the pay rate, types of units, Good Hospitals & what facilities to avoid. Please include what area of Houston the facility is located (NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST. Also include info on staffing ratios or anything else worth knowing about. ALL REPLIES ARE WELCOME & GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

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Back in 2006 I worked as a PRN medication nurse at University Behavioral Health, a small psychiatric hospital in Denton (a suburb located north of Dallas). It had just opened in 2005, so it was new and disorganized back then. However, working conditions might have changed for the better in the seven years since I last worked there.

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i did clinicals @ HCPC (harris county psych center) in the peds wing and adult schizo wing. keep in mind that in the adult unit, these are primarily people who are brought in off the streets, family members force them/court orders, brought in by the constable and released in a few days after they are no longer off the wall arguing with voices, not exhibiting behaviors that are, disruptive and taking their meds regularly. I went to clinicals on a Tuesday and saw a man hitting glass window panes arguing with someone who wasnt there only to find him wandering aimlessly on the following Thursday at a gas station right outside the Zoo. It *appeared* to me that the techs did most of the work, led discussions, etc. The RNs hardly ever interacted with these pts. IDK if it was some rough days I saw, but it didn't leave a good impression on me.

the menninger clinic downtown houston is often ranked among the top psych hospitals/rehabs/ addiction programs in the country. ive heard some decent things about West Oaks in Houston from a few Social Work pals.