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This summer I am hoping to relocate to Florida. While on the Florida board of nursing site I noticed that a statement was issued about a nursing shortage in Florida. And they were Asking for... Read More

  1. by   ufo8micats
    Ruas61 I love the pic. Fav. Character from twd. Funny I went to school to become a hospice nurse. Besides behing one of the most humbling experiences in the world, I don't believe that anyone should die alone. I just happened into pediatrics by accident. I fig. When I visit next month I will do some walk ins. And try to get a feel of the pay for the area. Ty everyone for the posts.
  2. by   Ruas61
    Good luck.
  3. by   Floridayz
    Quote from Blackcat99
    Good question. My guess is that they were asking for donations to help out all of the out-of-work nurses here in Florida.

    LOLOL! Horrible, but seems to be true....
  4. by   Floridayz
    Maybe I should add something useful:

    I work in the treasure coast area and we DO have lpn's on our acute care floor (PCU) so hospital jobs are out there. How frequently this occurs idk. I wish I could help you out with pay but I have no idea
  5. by   student forever
    Quote from ufo8micats
    This news is somewhat disheartening. I am an LPN with 6 yrs experience in pediatric critical care. I live in ohio and work independently making about $70,000 a year. I knew I would have to take a pay cut but $12.50 an hour. I can't live on that. I am planning on making a trip to Tampa next month to check out the dif. Facilities and job opportunities.
    70,000????? Don't move here. Just my opinion.
  6. by   Floridayz
    I won't make 70k this year as an RN.
  7. by   akanini
    Yikes! I made $70,000 my first year as an LPN here in NYC four years ago. I plan to move to Fl one day. What would a nursing educator MSN Nurse make done there in Fl?
  8. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to FL Nursing for more response.
  9. by   itsmejuli
    I spent 17 yrs in FL, got my LPN a few years ago as a career changer.

    I lived in the Tampa Bay area. I was lucky to find a job in LTC making $18 an hour with NO benefits. When I left I heard that the LPN that replaced me got hired in at less money.

    I left in 2011, I was done with FL. Tired of the low pay, no benefits and few job opportunities. Even if I'd completed LPN-RN, a new grad RN would be happy to get $22 an hour.

    I miss the warm winter weather and my garden. THat's it.
  10. by   Nurseamanda00
    I suppose it depends on what part of Florid you are looking. I live in the Orlando area and I promise you there are many jobs and little to no competition. LPNs occasionally work in the hospital here but most are grandfathered in. The retirement community here is HUGE and the need for LPNs in skilled nursing, homecare, and hospice is HUGE as well. No, you will not make $70,000 per year unless you work major overtime, however, the cost of living here is MUCH less than most states. I made $50,000 last year (overtime and bonus) and I live a very cushy lifestyle. Don't be fooled about some saying the benefits are awful. The last 2 jobs I've had maintained great benefits, although the more benefits they offer, the less they want to pay. Consider this: There are no state taxes in Florida. You can buy a large house (larger than you probably need) in a gated community for probably half or less than you would pay in Northern states. Oh yea, we have yards in Florida. Yards big enough that you can't hear/see your neighbors every move. If you have kids Florida has a lottery funded scholarship program with very little requirements and pays up to 75% of 4 years college tuition. You will NEVER have to shovel snow. Pools are open year around. Now that I've sold you, here are a few downsides: Yes, we have hurricanes. Sadly for our northern neighbors they have taken more hits than Florida for 2 years now. Our homes are built different here and we are prepared for quick recovery sans tornado destruction. We do not have basements. It is HOT. It is HUMID and HOT. Just embrace the heat and you will adjust. There re a lot of elderly drivers who are blind/ deaf or both. I carry extra auto insurance. So there you have it. Sorry this is one giant paragraph. I can't figure out how to start a new paragraph, the "enter" button doesn't seem to do it. Anyone care to edit this and school me on paragraphs?
  11. by   Blackcat99
    Glad to hear that Orlando has plenty of nursing jobs. No offense but.....Who would really want to live in Orlando? Such Horrific traffic. Orlando reminds me so much of Los Angeles with all of it's non-stop horrific traffic.
  12. by   ufo8micats
    I fig it deoended on what part of Florida that you moved to whether or not jobs are available. I own here in ohio with 4 acres of land. Yeah homes are cheaper in Florida than ohio. I am thinking if renting my house for a year and just buying a modular home in Florida and try the state out for a year. I am hoping to find a roommate when I move, to help ease the financial burden. I have a close friend that moved back to ohio from the southern part of Georgia and worked in Florida making like $15 an hour. He warned me again this morning Pinot to make the move unless I am prepared to work my tail off and make half do what I do now.
  13. by   Nurseamanda00
    When I say Orlando, I don't mean the tourist area or even downtown. There are cities outside of the city that do not have the traffic problems you described. I live in Sanford, Fl. I am close enough to Orlando to enjoy the attractions but far enough to avoid the traffic.