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  1. Nurseamanda00

    Anyone else dealing with this?

    Thankfully I do have my home health job. I just hate to jump ship so soon. I wish they had told me they scheduled like this when they hired me.
  2. Nurseamanda00

    Anyone else dealing with this?

    I just started a new job at a LTC/Rehab facility. Currently I am part time and I'm certain they want me to make the switch to full time soon. I also work with a home health agency prn. For a few months now the LTC has been over-scheduling 2 nurse...
  3. Nurseamanda00

    Feeling like a job hopper!

    Recently I had to leave my full time job due to a company wide pay cut. While updating my résumé I felt the same way because I've had several prn jobs and temporary jobs. My feeling on job hopping is this: employers are no longer loyal to their emplo...
  4. Nurseamanda00

    Is nursing in Florida (Miami) really as bad as it sounds?

    If you don't know spanish or creole it will be very hard to perform your job effectively, and some places won't even consider hiring you in Miami. Same is becoming true of Orlando. I have a friend who works L&D in Miami and she makes $27.25 with ...
  5. Nurseamanda00

    Working with interstitial cystitis. is it possible?

    My mother was a dialysis nurse when she was first diagnosed about 10 years ago with IC. She was terminated for reasons she doesn't fully understand but probably has something to do with frequent bathroom trips and missing work for MD apts and to go t...
  6. Nurseamanda00

    Paramedics rank higher than LPNs?

    Why does it have to be a competition? We should all work as a TEAM. Not to mention that the jobs are different and BOTH important. Paramedics keep them alive long enough to get to the ER and nurses help finish the healing process. Where I am from the...