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I apologize for contributing to the seemingly endless amount of threads that focus on drug test concerns. I would have voiced my concerns elsewhere if I knew it would not be lost in the vast sea of... Read More

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    I also thought it was a great post. I once applied for a position, took the test and the testing company called me when I came up positive. She asked for the pharmacy I got the med from and did a conference call with that pharmacy to verify it was my Rx. After it was verified, the lady from the testing company said all that would be sent to the hospital HR would be that I passed the test. I took the test at the hospital, so you may not have to tell anyone you are working for about it.
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    Quote from YouSmellLikeCDiff
    I'm sorry that my post is so long. This is my first post on allnurses so I am a little unfamiliar to what is/is not considered acceptable. As far as detail goes, I was unaware that I was giving a "per minute play by play" of my situation. My goal was to describe what I was going through. Yes, I have a prescription but, like I said above, no one ever asked to see it. Again, like I said, medications are no longer allowed to be discussed before the test due to HIPAA laws (at least in my state). Finally, I never did anything illegal. I am just afraid the results of the drug screen will be sent to HR without clarifying with me first, which would mean that I lost the job and my chances of working at this hospital.
    Your post is fine.....take a deep breath. At least your state has a process for verifying legitimate prescriptions.

    I wish you the best.
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    I enjoyed your post, too! I am actually on my way to take a drug test for school (going for my BSN) so it was interesting to read about someone else's experience!

    I agree that you shouldn't be worried. Hope you hear from HR soon!
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    Great post and you should be fine. There's a local health group that is doing nicotine screening on all new employees starting next year. I don't know if that would affect getting hired or not, but they're a tobacco-free campus and want to start with their employees.
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    I'm with the majority here. If the px is legal I wouldn't worry about it and you can provide documentation that it's your px then don't sweat it!
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    Im not cranky! Im actually quite chipper! I guess I was cranky when I wrote that post...I did state that it wasn't my intention. No need for everyone to jump down my throat! Im sorry for being a jerk...and I hope everything
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  7. 1 out for you! (I can't use a computer today..)
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    Employers are free to ban the use of even legally prescribed medications, most limit their drug testing to illegal use, but not all, so your best bet either way is to be honest. My employer does not allow prescribed opioid or benzo use, but adderall is fine with a script. Either way, your best bet is to be honest, which it sounds like you've done, so try not to sweat it.
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    You should be fine. The test will come back as positive (but not reported as such), the MRO will get in touch with you, you will tell him the name and phone number of the physician who prescribed it, the MRO calls the doc to confirm, the test is reported as a negative and life goes on. We have random drug testing at my work and this is what happens to me every time.
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    Here's the skinny as jetsy62 has posted...the employer arranges for the screening. You don't give your employer a list of meds. You pee and then wait for the results. If your urine is dirty the drug screening's doctor will get a hold of you to clarify any Rx you have. If it's legal then the screen goes back to the employer as negative...the drug screening company cannot disclose what legal meds you are on. If it's illegal stuff then your screen is given a fail and you won't get hired. Don't get confused...the employer has nothing to do with the urine test except to set it up and then wait for the results from the drug screening company and that's either a pass or fail.

    I've had a couple drug screens and the drug screening company never asked me prior to the test for a list of my meds. A little while ago I read on here where the person said that they were asked to give a list of meds prior to the screen...I don't know how legal that is.
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