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armygirlabn ASN, BSN, CNA, LPN, RN

Med/Surg/Tele/ER/PICC/Psychiatric nurse
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armygirlabn has 12 years experience as a ASN, BSN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg/Tele/ER/PICC/Psychiatric nurse.

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  1. armygirlabn

    Psych RNs - what is rewarding for you?

    I enjoy seeing the true person after they have been stabilized with medications. They arrive psychotic and leave totally different, stable.
  2. armygirlabn

    Nova Southeastern University FNP Fall 2018

    Does everyone get an interview before a decision is made?
  3. With that kind of attitude he will make a great doctor!!
  4. armygirlabn

    Unprepared interviewer

    You maybe right about that. But you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.
  5. armygirlabn

    Unprepared interviewer

    Thank you amoLucia for your comment. I did find employment and I am blessed that 6-8 months has not passed without employment. This interview with this hospital was so well organized and professionally conducted. The staff represented the hospital very well and I am looking forward to working with this organization.
  6. armygirlabn

    Unprepared interviewer

    Thank you for the comment. Yes, I think they had my resume before hand so I was expecting a more organized interview. Instead it was a very sloppy interview. I just hope that one day they can get their act together and represent the hospital more professionally.
  7. armygirlabn

    Unprepared interviewer

    Yes, that is exactly how I feel. They didn't represent the hospital. Their lack of professionalism is a red flag for any future employees.
  8. armygirlabn

    Unprepared interviewer

    Wow..that is kind weird. To bad the lady did not "man up" to her mistake and came out to apologize for her mistake. Thank you for your story.
  9. armygirlabn

    Unprepared interviewer

    Yeah, I had that question asked to me twice during this interview. They were not paying attention to what each other were asking. I was very disappointed with this interview because I had done clinicals on this floor as a student nurse and I was expecting professionalism and perfection (as what was expected from me during clinical) and they failed me. It was sad and disappointing.
  10. armygirlabn

    Unprepared interviewer

    The Nurse Supervisor interviewed me and the other nurses were not pulled from patients. They were sitting at the nurse station when I walked on the floor.
  11. armygirlabn

    Unprepared interviewer

    No, these nurses were expecting me.
  12. armygirlabn

    Unprepared interviewer

    Hello Allnurses, I am a new grad/RN and recently went to an interview for a MED/Surg position. I was a bit nervous because it was my first interview for an RN position. When I arrived, I was initially interviewed by the Nurse Supervisor. She asked me a few questions and then called in 3 other nurses that worked on the floor. They were awful interviewers. They could not keep track of who asked me what and just looked unprepared. I asked them a few questions and they did not know the answer to it. One of the interviewers never once looked at me and just kept looking at the paper in her hand or the other nurses. I almost felt like I was being interviewed by a bunch of HS girls. I was very disappointed because this hospital prides itself as having high standards. I did not get the job but I figured I dodged a bullet in not getting hired. Does anyone out their have familiar interview stories?
  13. armygirlabn

    New grads in the ER

    I am a new RN and I would love to get a job in the ER. But unfortunately many hospital do not want new nurses. I was thinking about taking ACLS and PALS just to add to resume. You think that will help? Jo
  14. armygirlabn

    Passed NCLEX-RN In 75 Questions

    I took NCLEX on Sunday June 7th. I did not find out that I passed until this morning by checking the BON website. I'm glad I didn't pay for quick results because the BON releases the info before Pearson. I passed!!!
  15. armygirlabn

    IRSC Fall 2015 Hopefuls! NLN study group.

    Hello, I just graduated in May 2015 and I am giving away my NCLEX books. They helped me quizzes and exams. Anyone interested I can meet up with you at the school to give them to you. I hate to throw them away..they were expensive. They are very useful with the rational. let me know and respond to this post. Also, I have the blue IRSC shirt and clinical shirt size small. FREE.
  16. armygirlabn

    Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    Just saw my name on BON website....yeah!!!

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