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What are some important abbreviations I should be familiar with as an LVN/LPN?... Read More

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    chronic obstructive lung disease, shortness of breath
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    LOL ( little old lady), FOS (full of ....).
    Just kidding. We have a list of approved abbreviations for orders, but we also have abbreviations that we use for report and such.
    Others we use include:
    STD--spot the dot (our falls risk program--look for the yellow dot on the chart and door and look for the yellow falls risk wrist bands)
    SOB--short of breath
    ACHS--before meals and at hour of sleep
    DWT--daily weight
    SCDs--sequential teds
    CA--cancer (half our unit is oncology, we get a lot of cancer patients)
    NHP--nursing home placement
    WA--while awake
    Cxr--chest x-ray
    Bcx--blood culture

    I usually write things out on the boards, "nothing by mouth," "up with assistance", and "falls risk" (could you imagine family reaction to STD on someone's board?)
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    Get the app "mini nurse lite". When reading charts, I have that pulled up. It has a section that you can type in the letters and it will tell you what they mean. VERY helpful!

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