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    I will be graduating in May...What are the current income ranges for new nurses? I hope to work in either the Surgery Department or the Emergency Department. I live in Cincinnati and I will graduate with honors. I heard the income for new nurses is around $42,000, my wife seems to think it is closer to $50,000. Anyone have any thoughts or opinions? Thanks!

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    Here in MN working at a Level 1 Trauma Center, $22.29 per hour for new grads with a $1000 sign on bonus.
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    I am also from Ohio and will graduate this May. I just got hired, and accepted a position today on a Surgical floor, for $23.03/hour. That is SALARY, an interesting concept but I'll take it. :spin:

    I also recieved 7,500 in tuition reembursement at the beginning of school this year, in exchange for working at this hospital for one year! Not a bad deal at all! I'm very excited to start! :hatparty:
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    I just started at a hospital in MN and I am making 23.92/hr. The relocation package was awesome. They paid for a hotel stay and meals so I could find housing, they paid for my entire move, and I also got a $1000 relocation bonus.
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    If you can start as a new grad at 50,000/year grab it! I think the 42,000 is much more realistic unless you want to work some serious overtime.
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    I live here in Los Angeles CA and I will be starting at $52,400 a year. Anyways Congratulations, I bet you're very excited to graduate.
  9. 0 is a great resource for salary information. 52K is nothing to sneeze at!
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    I make $24 an hour and pick up maybe one shift of overtime a pay period, usually a weekend shift, which is double time. I have brought home some fat paychecks.
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    In my area the average starting rate of pay for new grads is between $21-24 an hour plus shift differentials of $3-$4 and weekend pay of $3-4 more an hour. The sign on bonus are usually in the southern part of the state like Yale new haven hospital and greenwich hospital.

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    Rochester New York my facility new RN grads start 17.50 hour. Sign on bonus of $7,500. Paid over a 1 1/2 yr period.

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