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I was just wondering how many jobs new grads are working? One job FT, or multiple PT/Per Diem positions? I've worked at least 2 jobs but typically 3 for the last 6 years and I was wondering if new... Read More

  1. by   TnRN43
    Graduated Dec 2012, passed NCLEX Jan 17th, started orientation Feb 18th. 72 hrs per paycheck out of the gate (6 12's). After orientation I'll be working 84 hrs per paycheck. With 45 minute commute each way. Yes, it's a reallllllyy long day, lol.
  2. by   wannabecnl
    Took a per diem job and am loving working 2-3 (usually 8-hour) shifts per week, for an average of 19 hours per week. I was offered a full-time position in my unit but declined it; I am grateful to be able to choose flexibility (and time with my kids) over benefits right now, but I know that is not possible for everyone and may be something I need to reconsider at a different stage of life. My orientation took 4 months instead of three, in part, I believe, because I was only working 16 hours a week rather than the 24-30 that most orientees work. At this point (6 months in), it isn't as much of a factor.
  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    Quote from babsy28
    All of the local hospitals are leaving 12 hour shifts behind and I'm a little curious what options I would have being on an 8hr schedule.

    It wasn't long ago that 12 hour shifts were the wave of the future

    What goes around, comes around
  4. by   hapahaole
    I am working full time in the PICU.... 3 12-hour shifts a week! I work every third weekend and rotate 3 weeks of day shift and 3 weeks of night shift.
  5. by   summerbp
    I'm a new RN working on an acute med/surg floor. I work as much as I possibly could and then some, if I want. Right now I'm still in orientation, but I've worked 100+ hours the last two weeks. I also get called to ask to pick up shifts frequently, so basically I can work about as much as I want.
  6. by   PA_RN87
    Graduated in December, and passed the NCLEX in February. I was hired a week or so after that for 0.7 full time / flex position in a medical oncology unit. That basically means I'm guaranteed 56 hours per 2-week pay period, but can work up to 80 hours per 2 week pay period. So far, I've been working a full 40 hours per week
  7. by   LoriRNCM
    Quote from julz68
    I graduated in Dec, passed NCLEX on Feb 4th and started my full time job on a medical floor 2 weeks later. I work 12 hour shifts three nights a week, work every 3rd weekend and every other holiday. Although I'm still in orientation and very overwhelmed, I can safely say that I really like my job.
    Hoping I can be so lucky in two years when I graduate.
  8. by   OB-nurse2013
    I am working 1 full-time job
  9. by   TamTamRN-RRT
    I'm working 3nights one week and then 2 nights another week. But I put them together to work 5 straight nights to be off 8-10 days in between. I still do part time as a RT and do that within those days. I'm part time as a nurse as well
  10. by   Stcroix
    December grad, working FT since a week after passing NCLEX. I am one of the few in my class, however. Many of my classmates are still looking for work of any sort.
  11. by   PatMac10,RN
    Graduated with my ADN on May 9th, 2013. Got my license May 22nd.

    I have a Fulltime job that I start in July 15th on a CVICU. We work 3 12's on that unit and rotating weekends. Take call, but not sure what the process is for it.

    I currently work partime at a psychiatric facility for young boys. I will go PRN with the psych facility after I start my Fulltime in CVICU. I am also make supervisory visits for my uncles Home Health company PRN. I am careful not to take on more than I can handle, which is why I will likely drop the psych facility altogether after starting my CVICU job.
  12. by   MedChica
    I work FT. W/end doubles. Baylor. Geri-psych. LTC
    We have lots of PRN shift work available because management's always calling w/ends to pull shift. I work tomorrow for instance. Managements always fussing about paying OT but management never puts out ads to hire any nurses to pick up the slack. Management offers a GVN position but they don't advertise it.I don't understand it. Many facilities have openings but no one is actually 'hiring'.
    I live in S. Texas.
    I had a HH job but I felt dangerous so I resigned. LOL I'm probably going to get a staffing job. This one facility is nothing but vents and such and I need more exp with airway management.
  13. by   workinmomRN2012
    Graduated in May'12 and passed NCLEX Aug'12. I got full time work in October'12 as an admissions nurse (not good for new nurse), lasted 4 months and then found the job where I am now and loving it! I work 3-11 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have Monday- Thursday to be home with my family and I can also pick up an extra shift if I want to.