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Critical Cardiac Care

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  1. JRDeeRN

    Patient ratios progressive care units

    we are 3:1 dealing with vascular, heart, lung and endocrine (thyroidectomy) patients. as well as overflow ER patients... i honestly dont see how I could manage a 4:1 ratio with the work list i have with my patients. i was running around all day it seemed like today. barely enough time to eat lunch much less making sure every patient felt like they received the care they needed. luckily my unit is a very team oriented unit so that helps.
  2. JRDeeRN

    Waiting for a Job Offer

    Same thing happened to me, the whole waiting to hear back to know if I officially got the job. I emailed the manager of the unit and the nurse recruiter and reiterated how I would love to be a part of the team and feel as if I could represent what the hospital stands for well. And asked the nursing recruiter on the status of the job I applied for. I don't think it's Bad to keep showing interest and persistence :) I ended up getting a call a day later to meet and accept the job offer
  3. JRDeeRN

    What to do?! Waiting to hear back from employer!

    Got the job! :)
  4. JRDeeRN

    What to do?! Waiting to hear back from employer!

    Haha touché.....i just didn't know if anyone was thrown the phrase "let me know when you test and pass" just to get them out of their hair. :)
  5. JRDeeRN

    What to do?! Waiting to hear back from employer!

    Yeah I am hoping that he is busy but i also didn't want to hold on to him saying that he wanted to know when I passed the nclex, if that's just what he says to everyone hah. And I might call, I just didn't know if that was too bothersome or annoying to call after I had already emailed once and if it would hinder my chances on getting the job. Either way I would love for him to either give a definite no or yes, that way I can stop wondering:)
  6. Okay so May 14 I had an interview with a surgical progressive care unit. May 23 he had me shadow the unit.. And wanted me to let him know when I take the nclex and pass. June 6th found out I passed and emailed him. June 7th haven't heard back from him.. My question is do I continually keep waiting? What is your gut feeling on this? Is this just a blow off saying let me know when u pass? Should I start looking elsewhere ? Thanks!