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PA_RN87 is a MSN, RN, APRN and specializes in Medical-Oncology, Nursing Education, Family Med.

BS Biology 2010 BS Nursing 2012 MSN-FNP 2018

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  1. PA_RN87

    New Clinical Educator

    I've been teaching clinical for an LPN program for 3 years. I found that students definitely need structure or they act like lost sheep. Depending on the units they were on and how they flowed, I would make up assignments for them to do to guide their learning. It also depends on whether or not they have access to the EMAR. I've done chart review assignments, short essay assignments if they were on an observation unit like surgery, and of course care plans. I also like to start preparing for NCLEX early and would sometimes spend post-conference doing NCLEX activities and discussions. Depending on the unit or facility and what supplies are available, sometimes I would do a short lab regarding IV fluids or wound care during post-conference as well. I've also given them projects to work on throughout the rotation, like giving a presentation during the last week about a topic they spent the rotation researching. Giving them assignments also helps with their clinical evaluations considering you can't always have your eyes on everyone at all times. Sometimes I based their clinical evaluation for that week solely on the quality of their assignments and feedback from staff.
  2. PA_RN87

    FNP Specialty Hour Requirements

    I should clarify, we need 224 hours per semester, for a total of 672; of the total 672 hours, 112 need to be in each pediatric and women's health.
  3. I'm looking for thoughts from current FNPs, both experienced and new grads. I'm currently in Simmons College's online FNP program; our clinical hour requirements must include a minimum of 112 hours of pediatrics and 112 hours of women's health specialty hours. As I'm sure many of you know, specialty sites are near impossible to obtain (especially in my area). I know there are many other FNP programs that either have fewer required minimum specialty hours or no minimums whatsoever. What makes this even more frustrating is knowing that many of the things done in specialty offices are not routinely done in family practice offices. SO... My question to you all: Did your program have minimum specialty requirements, and do you feel it benefited you in your clinical practice? Or do you feel that you would have been just as prepared with solely family practice-type clinical experiences?
  4. PA_RN87

    New Clinical Nursing Instructor

    Maintain structure and organization. I've worked as a clinical instructor for about 2 years, and I think the one thing I found students need more than anything is structure and uniformity. I'd make a little syllabus or "clinical expectations" print-out to give to students so that everyone is on the same page and they have something to reference; this is also important as each clinical instructor and clinical site tends to have slightly different expectations. Also if it's a clinical site where you don't have eyes on every student all the time (I worked several sites where students were on multiple floors), I found that giving them daily assignments (daily care plans, chart reviews, short essay, etc.) helps to give me something more on which to base my evaluation.
  5. PA_RN87

    Traditional BSN for 2nd Degree?

    Make sure they don't have a limit on the number of credits you can transfer. Some colleges will only accept a certain number of transfer credits, so you'd basically have to "re-take" some classes you've already taken if you went the transfer route (which wouldn't be a problem for accelerated programs).
  6. PA_RN87

    Nurse or Biologist?

    As far as job security and availability goes, I think you need to research what is available in your area. I actually got a Bachelor of Science degree in biology first for the same kinds of reasons, I like science and being outdoors. After graduating I realized there really weren't any worthwhile jobs available in my area with my degree. So I ended up going back to school for nursing. Nursing jobs are plentiful in my area. Is it the job that I enjoy the most? Definitely not. But I make a good living and I still have lots of time to spend Outdoors for enjoyment instead of work. It's a balance that definitely works for me. Also remember that not all nurses work in the hospital and there are lots of opportunities for nurses in clinics, schools, LTC facilities, home care, etc.
  7. You're starting a home care agency, or you're starting AT a home care agency? When you say starting a business, do you mean something as heavy as a home care agency, or becoming a consultant for Jamberry, Thirty-One, Pure Romance, Avon, etc.? I worked with a few nurses who were reps for Pure Romance and Thirty-One, and they seemed to like it.
  8. PA_RN87

    ADN or BSN? Already have a BS in Health Administration

    A BS in anything other than nursing usually won't suffice as an equivalent to a BSN. The ABSN route shouldn't be a time burdon, most accelerated programs are around 1.5-2 years. The average ADN is about 2 years. The ABSN program I graduated from was 3 semesters. I can't speak to what's available to you and what your financial status is, but time shouldn't be a factor for ADN versus ABSN.
  9. PA_RN87

    Passed NCLEX, 75 questions, 4th attempt

    I just want to warn against publicly posting personal email addresses. This site does have private messaging, which is a safer way to share contact information with other members.
  10. PA_RN87

    Accelerated BSN or traditional BSN

    I may have missed it, but did you say what state you're currently in? There's an accelerated BSN program in northwestern Pennsylvania that's only 3 semesters.
  11. PA_RN87

    RN to Teacher

    As several other posters have pointed out, there are oodles of teaching opportunities and positions within nursing! Have you considered getting your master's in nursing education? You may not even have to wait for a master's to teach if you already have your BSN. I'm currently working as a clinical instructor for a practical nursing program while I study towards my FNP degree. Many PN programs only require a BSN to teach, and I believe CNA programs have teaching opportunities for BSN-prepared nurses as well. I've also heard a few people on here say their local ADN programs hire BSN nurses to teach clinical. The point is, theres lots of opportunities to teach in nursing, and a huge need for nursing educators!
  12. PA_RN87

    How much do you remember from A&P? Pathophys?

    In my second semester of NP school as well, and have been having similar fears!! Glad to hear I'm not alone.
  13. PA_RN87

    Starting out in a hospital?

    I was hired as a new grad for days/evenings (7-3 and 3-11). Then again, they'd lost a ton of staff under the director that hired me. She was fired, then the new director bullied new grads and hires into working night shift instead (not me though, I stood my ground). I'm sure all that was totally unrelated to the multiple job openings...
  14. PA_RN87

    what to do when your pt has high bp?

    Has this patient been coming for a while? I would take a second value to confirm a high blood pressure, then I would compare it to previous values for the patient and ask them if they normally run that high. I have taken care of a few patients whose blood pressures were concerning, but because it's their norm nothing was done. If it is not their norm, I would call the doctor.
  15. PA_RN87

    Most reputable brick and mortar-based online FNP?

    I honestly don't know much more about it. Like I said, I didn't have to take it, I just saw people talking about it on facebook. I believe it is a shortened course they offer through an affiliate school, but I'm not certain of that.
  16. PA_RN87

    Most reputable brick and mortar-based online FNP?

    There are a few people in my cohort that have to do a stats refresher. I don't know much about it because I didn't need to do any update courses, but it sounds relatively painless. Also, you are right about how most programs look at the whole story, not just a GPA value. I'm sure that your expansive experience will keep you competitive and help out your GPA, so I wouldn't worry TOO much about being competitive.