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Hello! So I just recently got my license and this is going to be my first time ever working in the field of nursing, other than my clinicals. I accepted a full time position as a LPN Nurse Supervisor for a Post Acute wing in... Read More

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    Quote from Hospice Nurse LPN
    Queen's "Another one bites the dust" is stuck in my head now.
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    Quote from nozyrozy40
    Wow...I think you might be putting your license in jeopardy here. First, LPN's can't "assess". They can gather information, but assessments need to be done by an RN. New admits need to have quite a bit of paperwork done by an RN for Medicare reimbursement. sounds like you've had little to no orientation/training. I would be out pounding the pavement looking for another job. I know they're not easy come by, but this doesn't sound safe.
    Quote from lilaclover
    WHOAAAA!!!! Better do your homework before posting such a claim.

    I am not even going to comment any further than this because anything I say from here on in will not be nice.

    Fellow LPN's care to comment?

    Yes, that was a very broad and presumptuous statement to make. Doing your homework would mean to realize that scopes vary greatly from state to state, province to province, country to country.

    I am also an LPN in Canada and do initial assessments in both LTC and acute care. As my mandate states that LPNs care for "stable patients with predictable outcomes", that is exactly what I do. The RN and I work as a team of 7-8 acute care patients (general and short stay surgery). I will take the 3-4 patients who are stable and have little IV medications. If I am ever unsure of something, I am grateful for the RN whom I can go to and ask for his/her assessment. But yes, I take the patient post op and do the entire assessment, VS, process orders, sign off on the MAR, give meds etc.
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    What is the difference between Assessing and data collection?
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    Quote from lilaclover
    Copy and pasted directly from the Alberta LPN competency profile :

    A Licensed Practical Nurse will:

    S-2-2 Demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide full health assessment of the
    client including, but not limited to: (See Competency Band B)
     admission of client to clinic
     determine reason for visit
     prioritizing care
    collect assessment data
     prepare client for physician examination
     collect and send specimens
     follow clinic protocol and routines
     document and report findings

    If you would like to read the whole profile here it is: Edition.pdf
    I don't see where it says LPN assesses. It says they collect data which we already know.
    There is nothing different.
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    I do admits on my unit. We have an RN in house acting in the supervisory position. I do the initial assessment, the skin assessment and all the other assessments that go along with a new admit. I chart it in our computerized charting under my name, however its refered to as data collection of assessment info (like that play with words they do?! . The RN follows behind, reviews my 'data collecting' assessement information and confirms it with something that reads like, I have reviewed and verified the information and her name and title.

    So while I cannot 'assess' I can 'data collect'. What we do is collect the data needed for the initial and follow up assessments as well as the skin assessment and all the other assements

    All the facilities in the area all work the same way. The LPN on the floor does the admit assessments but its called 'collect data' for assessments etc and the RN verifies the info.

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