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  1. wannabenk

    I TOOK MY NCLEX PN TODAY.... Need help!

    Congratulations ! ! ! I have never heard of it not working.
  2. wannabenk

    Terminated! Now what?

    Fight it you will be happy you did. The same type of thing happened to me. I was suspended leading to termination because I supposedly did not update the unit coordinator on a resident that had a change in status. The resident had been sent out a week or two previous had CHF AFIB. He came back at 2:30 before I started my 3:00pm shiff. After report I went to to check on him and he was in terrible shape. He was unalert and unresponsive he was in transition to being end stage and a Hospice console the next day. I administered Atropine for his lung secretions with had a positive effect. I continued to keep and eye on him and he had no change from when he was first admitted. It was one of the more crazy days so I am not able to remember exactly what happened that day but I do know that when he came in he was declining. The UC was in there during supper time and was not able to feed him because he was not alert. They called me and told me not to come to work that I was suspended. I had a meeting with DON and union rep and was told they would offer me to resign or term me. We ended up grieving it, I continued to stand my grand about his condition. I was wiling to termination but not without unemployment which they said they would deny. I continued to grieve with the union and I was told today that I would be allowed to collect my unemployment. I am happy with that and will continue to find my Niche in nursing. I am taking this as a learning experience, my first nursing job. But like you I am having the problem of what to put on my applications for reason for leaving. I am a very honest person and hate to lie or even fib. I was told "difference in opinion". Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. wannabenk

    How to be faster/more efficient?

    I am in the same position as you right now. I am working in a rehab area that has long terms mixed in. Right now I have 8 rehab and 8 long term care. There really isn't enough time to really assess the patients. You are suppose to assess the individuals mental well being as well as physical but how can you do that when you don't talk to them. You can't just walk in heres your med and leave. Right now I have a patient that when he came in was a thriving happy go lucky man. Now I notice he has been sleeping my whole shift and not eatting. I took the time to talk to him and he asked me "why am I sleeping so much, could I be depressed?" and asked if a priest comes around. I took the time to talk to him. He was concerned about going home with a foley in place and other things. I do not want to just start popping pills like I have seen people do. I have been told don't get attached to my patients but I am sorry that is why I got into nursing.
  4. wannabenk

    How to Deal with Stresses of Being a New Nurse

    Great suggestions. I graduated from LPN school October 4, 2012, started working as a GPN at a LTC facility, and on November 15 passed my boards. When you start a nursing job especially if you have never been a cna or na you know nothing of how things work. You learn about Anatomy, care plans and other stuff like that then when you begin working they don't take the time to show you small things. By small things I mean like shower sheets, how to reorder meds., so many things. I myself have anxiety and I feel like everything I have learned I have forgotten. I have a great Unit Coordinator in the unit I am now who is great with the questions that I ask no matter how strange like the one day I told her one of the residents was coughing up part of his lung. I have been moved to the rehab unit in January now I have to start over again. I hope I will get some good orientation over there. This is my first LPN nursing job and I sometimes do wonder if I made the right choice.
  5. wannabenk

    Regrets about Nursing?

    I graduated LPN school October 4 and was lucky to find a job at a LTC center as a GPN. Took and passed my boards November 15. I often wonder if I made a mistake going to school for my LPN. Before going back to school I was doing office work with skills that were old and outdated. The job is rewarding because you get to help people and make theme comfortable. In the LTC area I am in I have 12 LTC residents and I also have 5 Hospice residents. There is no time to really spend with the residents especially the Hospice individuals. They should be checked on often to make sure they are with us and make sure that they are comfortable as possible. Some of them get Morphine PRN every hour. During the day they have a treatment nurse so a total of 3 nurses. 3-11 shift does not get a treatment nurse so getting treatments done is impossible. It sounds like nursing is the same just about everywhere. I often think about trying another place but I want to get my year in so I can maybe try to get into the one hospital that will take LPNs.
  6. wannabenk

    LTC vs. Hospital, good move or not?

    I am a recent graduate and got a job right off at a LTC facility. I just spent my first night on my unit alone for the first time. My unit consists of 5 Hospice patients which require full assessments and 12 LTC individuals. I was overwelmed. I am told that it will get better with time but I am thinking about applying for a Hemo job somewhere. Along with the assessments, passing meds, and doing the treatments we have to also feed the residents. Is this a normal practice to stop what we are doing to pass trays and feed the residents. It is my first job and I have nothing to compare it to. I would appreciate any input.
  7. What is the difference between Assessing and data collection?
  8. wannabenk

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I just finished taking my NCLEX PN exam and of course it stopped at 85 questions. I was wondering how long should I wait until I try the pearson vue trick.
  9. Wow, I am about to graduate October 4, 2012 and I am feeling the same way. I do not want to be put into a position where I get only like 3 days of training and left to the wolves. I would also like to work in a hospital not long term care. I have been told that if I went to a hospital I would be "eaten alive". That does not make me feel real confident. My concerns: Will I be fast enough? (I am more of a slow detailed type of person). Will I know what to do when things happen. If I am in charge will people listen to me?
  10. I would just start from the beginning of the book or skim over areas that are more difficult areas for you. All teachers are different, they just might skip around. Anything you can review will come in handy later.
  11. wannabenk

    Niagara County Community College

    I attended NCCC and got thru Nursing II when my father was diagnosed with Liver cancer on April 25, 2010 and passed away on the day of my final (which I failed, of course) May 12, 2010. I guess when I look back now I find that a blessing in disquise. I am now attending Erie 1 BOCES for LPN school and will be graduating October 4, 2010. I found NCCC to be a very thorough learning experience. What I mean to say is when you graduate from there you come out of there knowing your stuff. The instructors were great and knew their stuff when I was there. They did make some changes, they made it so that the teachers had to have their Bachelor or Masters. I don't remember which it was. I think that nurses who have Associates degress are much more on top of the skills and information needed to be taught. I had a clinical instructor once (not at NCCC) that had her bachelors and masters and did not work in the direct nursing field, she was a coordinator for a department. She did clinical instructing because she enjoyed helping the students learn but when you would ask her questions like what is blood pressure or something like that she would not really be able to answer it.
  12. The harderst part I am finding is the pharmacology. If you have a degree in medical history you probably have some Anatomy & Physiology under your belt. PN 1 is basically that, the Anatomy and learning some skills. PN 2 is when you get into learning the diseases and the pharmacology. I would look at some drugs and some diseases to become familar with them. What school are you going to? I go to school with people who are married, have children, and also work. It is doable. You will be going into it with some exposure it sounds so that is a big plus for you. There will be people in the class who have never had any medical experience before.
  13. I am in the LPN program at E1B in Kenmore. I am in PN2, our class has a great teacher which makes a big difference. It is alot of work but I am sure it will be worth it. Our clinical are at Degraff, VA, and ECMC.