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Hello: I recently graduated as RN, and I have being working in a community clinic for 3 months (this is my first job as RN). The benefits are great and pay is excellent!, We have 6 MAs a couple of LVNs and two RNs. As a new... Read More

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    Quote from CharlieTaco
    Don't quit until you have another job but just know that one year experience rule doesn't apply to you because what they want is one year acute care experience. Your not getting that and will be considered the same as a new grad to nurse recuiters except you might not be eligible for new grad positions because of your time at this job. That could put you in a bad situation.
    I pretty much agree with this. But remember there will never be enought acute care jobs for everybody who wants one. And, ask around, acute care is not all its cracked up to being - going to go downhill further due to legislation/economy. If you find you are leaving work with energy to spare, money in your pocket, go ahead and consider continuing your edu in some way. And, I don't mean continuing it in nursing.

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