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MERCEDES674 has 6 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in ICU-Step Down, Cardiac/CHF, Telemetry, L&D.

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  1. You should start writing down your patients and all meds due for that day and whatever else needs to be done for them such as IV change, dressings, ect. Get one sheet of paper and section it off for each patient that way its easier to look at rather...
  2. MERCEDES674

    Louisiana State Board & Walden University

    The LSBN has a list of accepted out of state programs on their website. From my understanding the universities have to go through a lot to be approved in this state. I just looked and didn't see Walden on their list.
  3. MERCEDES674

    Fitzgerald certification review editions??

    No, I have the 2010 version and I went to her review course. It was the same.
  4. MERCEDES674

    RN Format and got 205 questions - What's Up with That?

    I graduated in 2006 and my instructors said the samething that your dean told you. They said it was random and that some people would take the entire test. I REALLY don't know how true it is and of course the website wouldn't publish such a thing. ...
  5. MERCEDES674

    AANP Certfication Exam ( I failed it)

    Sorry to hear that you didn't pass. Try this for your next test: 1. Compile your notes and perform a systems review. 2. Review course through APEA, this course is geared towards the AANP. 3. Maria C. Leik review book 4. APEA 150 question test. Goo...
  6. I'm just glad it's over for all of us....
  7. Congrats!!!!!!! I knew you could do it!!
  8. Not yet. This area wants a year of experience. I have heard from 2 hospitals that say they will be setting up interviews soon.
  9. Nope been checking all day, maybe tomorrow.
  10. Im in Louisiana. You have to check with your state board and their application. You should be able to download it from their site. I can get a temp permit by sending my transcript or a letter from my school. Every board is different.
  11. No, It still says results pending. I called today and they said they have my transcript, but it will be a few days before they put in into the computer. I have applied for my license and just waiting for my transcript to get to the nursing board.
  12. Thanks!! LHendon is your information on the AANP website yet?
  13. I have applied for several positions but, I haven' t heard back from them yet. Good luck on your exam!!!
  14. Thanks!!! I scheduled it this week so I took it today. It really wasn't hard at all. APEA materials, Leik, a general review are what I recommend.
  15. I PASSED the AANP!!!!