Length of orientation or preceptorship for new RN grad - page 3

Just graduated RN school and started working on med-surg floor I followed another RN for 2 nights then turned loose to have 10 patients. Is this the norm or what????... Read More

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    No thats not right. I just started on a medsurg floor and I am going to get 6 full weeks of training with a preceptor so that I can actually be prepared to be on my own. So sorry to hear that you are not being trained the way they should be training you. Have you spoken to your director? You should mention to her that you don't feel safe to be on the floor by yourself with not too much training. I hope it all works out

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    Its pretty standard in other countries. UK Ireland Australia NZ. OP where are you?
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    Sadly it's standard in Australia. 2 shifts, 3 if you're lucky!
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    RUN!RUN! RUN!, give notice, they probably wont make you work thru it, what do you know about SAFE HARBOR?

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