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ScrappytheCoco has 3 years experience and specializes in Emergency/Trauma/LDRP/Ortho ASC.

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  1. I need to vent! Frustrated ADN

    I'm gonna break your TOS and ask one you live in a large city? I worked in a mid sized hospital in a smaller town in the South as a patient care tech in nursing school- OR/PACU. They hired ADNs all the time, new graduates even.
  2. Treat the Patient, not the Monitor.....Really?

    I understand what you mean...but I also understand the phrase as well. I work ED so many of my pts are on continuous monitoring. A few weeks ago I was in a patient's room when one of the techs came in and told me there was an emergency next door and ...
  3. RN to BSN without statistics/chemistry

    I did mine at UT Arlington, you take stats while you're in the program.
  4. Has pain scale contributed to opiate problem?

    Several of the hospitals I work for have a place to document the patient's behavior next to their stated pain level. One even asks for the nurse's "total pain impression."
  5. Dropping out of nursing school

    I attended nursing school at a community college that was vocationally focused...they had a program which provided a childcare voucher for school/clinical days only for students that met certain income requirements. I would talk with the financial ai...
  6. Feeling like the dumbest nurse on earth

    None of these situations involve stupid mistakes. You aren't going to remember everything...good Lord, at 5 weeks in you don't even know what you don't know, especially on a critical care unit. This really shouldn't be acceptable. Your preceptor is a...
  7. Can We Talk Pay?

    Great Lakes state non-union contract/agency ED 3 years experience $52.50 an hour plus diffs varies by contract
  8. New Nurse; To start a New IV or not?

    Stick anyone and everyone you can. ED is the best place IMO because you will have the opportunity to stick frat boys with ropes for veins, 99 year old Nanas on Coumadin, babies, and everyone in between. Doing is the only way to learn with this skill...
  9. When to call a code

    Sometimes it seems difficult to palpate a pulse if the pt is severely bradycardia from vasovagal syncope. I've seen this happen at countless RRs I've been to on the floor. Observe for respiratory effort as well.
  10. Is 90k in loans worth my BSN?

    Got my ADN and BSN for about $15,000 in total. That was only a few years ago. You don't have to spend $90 grand on a nursing degree!
  11. Nurse duties at dr office

    My current agency contract is in an urgent care that shares an office with family practice. The FP office has 7 providers always 3-4 front desk staff, 6 medical assistants, 4 RNs, and 4-5 administrative type staff that handle referrals and such. Ther...
  12. How did you decide your specialty?

    ED is what I was offered as a new grad. L&D was what I thought I really wanted so I worked ED kept looking around until an ob job turned up. I didn't last long and came screaming back to the ED. As much as I wanted to hate the ED, I'm really good...
  13. Should I SUE?

    Does the pt have a hx of afib? If so, this is not something I'm going to get excited about as long as the rate isn't rapid and the patient is anticoagulated appropriately. Maybe the RN felt like you were tossing her under the bus in front of the MD?
  14. HIPAA and Demanding Family Members

    I ask about POA status, etc if the pt is still in the facility and I can verify. If not, I say "unfortunately it is a violation of a federal privacy law for me to provide you with that information." I repeat as many times as needed. When they say the...
  15. Change of shift admissions

    I've worked tons of ERs of all sizes, in 2 different states, and it literally never fails that there are no beds all day, or a bed appears at 1600-1700. The hospitalist goes in (finally) and places orders at 1800. By the time I do any stats that he'...