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I recently graduated nursing school in Florida and moved to North Carolina and accepted a job on a Telemetry unit. I started orientation at the beginning of February and everything has been going... Read More

  1. by   One1
    You might have classes during the day while doing orientation during night shift. You will most likely not work the night before classes, although that has happened before..
  2. by   jennafezz
    Quote from Sea_of_Roses
    I am also a little confused about this process when being hired as a New Grad. I applied for the night shift, I know my classes won't be during the night (I think classes last 2 weeks) but is orientation held during the job shift (for me at night)?
    I was hired for night shift and have 8 weeks of training on days and 4 weeks of training on nights, and then I'll be on my own on night shift. I think it's been great for me to get time training on days since the flow is different and I'll have a more complete picture of the 24 hour day for the unit.
  3. by   DalekRN
    I had 14 weeks.
  4. by   Belle2013
    I am just starting in the ER at a level 1 trauma facility. I am in a 1 year residency program and will be precepted for 6 months.
  5. by   Soriano43
    my orientation is 12 weeks in the tele
  6. by   MendedHeart
    ^^same here
  7. by   i<3u
    My orientation will be 10weeks on a trauma progressive care unit/intermediate care unit.
  8. by   catlove
    I am on a trauma unit with lots of wound care and post surg patients. I was there as a fourth year nursing student and they are only giving me 6, 12 hour shifts. Today was my first day and I was so overwhelmed!!!