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  1. catlove

    new nurse anxiety

    I can't say how much this site has helped me! Lol. I am a new grad and currently (on break) on my 3rd shift alone. I feel everything you're feeling. I go home after a shift and lay there thinking "****! Did I do that? Did I sign for that?" Not PBL that.... On the job I feel completely lost at times. I got the worst orientation and still have SO MUCH to learn. The worst is I feel like everyone expects me to know it all already.... Just don't feel alone and keep your head up! :)
  2. catlove

    New Grad, new job -- being oberwhelmed

    Hey guys I'm in the exact same boat right now!! I was so overwhelmed today I actually cried while driving home. I hardly had a lunch and was constantly going all day making sure I completed VS, meds, doing drsgs, charting on time etc etc etc. As a student on the unit I did very well. As a RN, I second guess myself too. Let me know If it gets any better. I am glad to hear that other new grads are in the same boat!!
  3. catlove

    How much orientation time for a new grad?

    I am on a trauma unit with lots of wound care and post surg patients. I was there as a fourth year nursing student and they are only giving me 6, 12 hour shifts. Today was my first day and I was so overwhelmed!!!
  4. catlove

    New grad in busy unit!

    6 shifts!!! And today they literally just "threw me in there" and I was so overwhelmed. I broke down when I get home. I was there as a student in my final year but still........ I'm going to message my nurse manager and educator!
  5. catlove

    New grad in busy unit!

    Hi everyone, So I'm a new grad in a busy, high acuity unit!! I have some hospital experience from my final year placement but other then that I have been in outpatient clinics and psych rotation. My nurse manger assigned me a total of 6 shifts with a preceptor and THAT'S IT! I really don't feel like that will be enough. I'm still so new at all this..... Any help/advice/words of encouragement is appreciated!! :)
  6. catlove

    New Grad Nerves!!!

    Hey everyone, So I'll be starting a new position on a medical floor as a new grad RN in mid-June. The new grad initiative was filled already so I'm hired as a part-time employee. I worked on this unit as a nursing student in my pre-grad placement but there are still A LOT of things to learn. My manager didn't mention anything about orientation period or any of that. I'm thinking she may have the suspicion I already know things because I was there as a student. Any advice? Thank you!!!
  7. catlove

    Interested in Burn Unit?

    Hey, So if you have a strong stomach and love wound nursing this is the place for you. I have yet to come across a fresh, burn trauma (does not happen too often) but I have cared for inpatient burn patients ranging from 5-40% TBSA that have been there for a few days to months. Like I mentioned, lots of dressings (some take >1hr), IVs, pain management etc. We also have patients that come on our unit with amputations, flaps, and other serious wounds, which incorporates a lot of assessments. It's defiantly a busy unit but everyone helps each other out and it's a excellent working atmosphere. If you need an area to become comfortable with your skills it's a great unit. I have learned soo much in 1.5 moths it's crazy! Other general skills that come along with the unit are catheters, staple/suture removal, sterile dressings, IVs, blood transfusions, trachs, NGs, and many more specific skills! :)
  8. catlove

    Interested in Burn Unit?

    Hey! So I've had 4 full days in the burn unit and I LOVE IT! You learn soooo much and the nurses are incredible (at least at my hospital). I really needed a unit where I can hone all my skills and this is the unit! If you want to know more about the unit I can explain more!! :)
  9. catlove

    Interested in Burn Unit?

    I am actually working in the burn trauma unit for my final clinical placement. My first day is on Sunday. Yikes.... I will let you know how it goes!
  10. Hey all, Does anyone know some good websites for practicing nursing math questions (I.e dosages, IV drip rates etc)? I need to brush up lol. Thanks so much in advance! :)
  11. catlove

    Brace Yourselves.

    Lol! Thanks for a needed laugh :)
  12. catlove

    Type of Experience on Burn Unit

    Hello, I just recently discovered I am going to be learning on the Burn Trauma Unit for my final pre-grad placement! Just wondering what it's like to work in a burn unit (skills, knowledge, challenges, etc) Thanks nurses!
  13. catlove

    Doubting my ability to be a nurse

    Nursing school is not easy. There is a lot of work, pressure, stress and responsibility. I am in my last year in the LPN to BScN program and boy, there were times I wanted to throw in the towel, times I cried, times I felt that I was incompetent and stupid. You need to find ways to cope and deal with stress in a positive way. Also, time management is very crucial. It is important to manage school, homework and life. I find for myself, I used to become very stressed thinking about all the things I had due and how I would manage to complete all the assignments in time. I realized over the years its important to focus on one task at a time, this helps you not to feel so overwhelmed. Speaking with classmates too always helps as they are usually going through the same emotions as you are. Overall, it's a long hard 4 years, but it goes by quick and in the end is worth it. Stick to it and best of luck!! :)
  14. catlove

    LVN to RN...finally.

    I am in the RPN (LPN/LVN) to RN program and in the final year. It is focused being and acting within the RN role rather then the RPN. Clinical has been exactly as @lvnmum has said... they treat you just like the regular RN students and do not give much exception to your skills and knowledge as an RPN. For my final year in clinical I was placed in a clinic-like setting which is quite disappointing to me because I have worked in a clinic for 1.5 years and feel as though I will not gain any new RN skills :| You'll do great regardless!
  15. catlove

    Pediatric Outpatient Clinic

    Hi again, Thank you for the quick response. It is my last and final year in school so this involves me having a preceptor and it's pediatrics. I was hoping for more skills involving trachs, IV's, feeding tubes as I need more hands-on experience with those skills rather then injections but this is where they placed me and what I recieved. I will make the best out of it! Thanks for your input!