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  1. Gave up DNP

    This thread sounds a whole lot like the ASN nurses fussing about having to get their BSN.
  2. I Desperately Want Out

    There's always the option of going back to school for a master's, even a non nursing masters.
  3. Online FNP programs

    I am applying to the university of cincinnati, msn fnp, it was recommended by multiple people.
  4. Working Full Time in Nursing School

    I know some schools won't allow it.
  5. Expensive stethoscope for student?

    Don'tlend it to any residents who "forgot theirs and need yours quick" you won't see it again.
  6. How important is it to get a BSN?

    Get the BSN asap. It's becoming the minimum standard.
  7. Dirty bed sheets/RN/CNA/UAP/CP

    Not your place. You are there to learn and observe. It's perfectly fine to make up a used bed.
  8. Tips on makeup during clinicals?

    That is horribly misogynistic. So you don't scare patients? This was only directed at the women right? I think you should tell them the guys need to wear makeup to clinical too. What a load of crap.
  9. Pregnant & starting nursing school

    It is definitely , lots of women have done it. My friend had a baby like a week before starting a graduate nursing program. You may find you need a semester off and most schools will accommodate that.
  10. When I graduate from NP school I will have only about $35,000 total debt including undergrad.
  11. What to Know Before Nursing School?

    The most important thing I needed to know was how to study. Get a good note taking system in place, use flash cards efficiently, etc. And then just do well in your prereqs and put money in the bank so you can quit working or cut way back on your hour...
  12. NP school reputation

    If it helps, my father in law is an Ob/Gyn and employs a whnp. I asked him if it matters what school np's attend and he said he couldn't care less.
  13. Blood sugar guidelines for neonates

    At my hospital, preterm and SGA babies are tested q2-3 hr for 24 hrs, and LGA babies and those born to type 1, 2 or GDM moms are tested q2-3 hr for 12 hrs. The last three blood sugars have to be above 45.
  14. The most ridiculous birth plans you've had the pleasure of reading

    No, I delivered in Michigan and I declined the erythromycin
  15. Nurses continue to eat their young

    They did talk about it with us in the last semester. On our unit it seems to be toward the younger nurses. I get what everyone is saying and it helps.